Phonola MSX2

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30-03-2007, 20:02

A rare Italian Philips clone: eBay link

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31-03-2007, 01:15


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31-03-2007, 11:03

Phonola and Fenner MSX computers were quite common here in Italy back in the 80s. I have still an old advertisement of a Phonola MSX that was clearly a VG8020 clone.

Phonola still exists, that brand was famous in Italy for their radios. I think that back in the 60s they had a license agreement with Philips to sell electronic equipment under their brand; while Fenner has always sold relabelled Samsung computers, like this one:

Another famous computer brand in Italy was Olivetti: they used to sell their PC 128 home computer that was nothing more than a relabelled Thomson MO6.
None of that computers had a succesfull history: Italians usually sticks to a brand, one and only one, leaving the competitors with very little market shares; it happened back in the 80s with the Commodore 64 and it's happening in these days with the Playstation brand. In almost four months of sale the Nintendo Wii has managed to sell about 50.000 consoles in Italy; the Playstation 3 in two days, while *REALLY EXPENSIVE*, have managed to sell more than 30.000 machines here.