A1 Grand Prix (Konami)

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Por wimpie3

Champion (434)

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21-06-2020, 17:15

First time I see actual video footage of the game: https://twitter.com/nf_ban/status/1101678948637765632

Recently Takashi also posted some screenshots: https://twitter.com/nf_ban/status/1273900794266284034

Too bad the game is still MIA (and knowing someone has a copy...)

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Por hamlet

Scribe (4105)

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21-06-2020, 17:20

Amazing to discover new-old-stock after 33 years.

Por sdsnatcher73

Prophet (3802)

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21-06-2020, 18:44

Yeah wish this would somehow resurface somehow...

Por Briqunullus

Hero (612)

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21-06-2020, 18:50

Well, send them a message I'd say...

Por TheClash603

Resident (33)

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21-06-2020, 18:54

Thanks foe sharing! Would love to give this a go.

Por wimpie3

Champion (434)

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21-06-2020, 19:49

Unfortunately he doesn't want to share his treasure.

Por geijoenr

Champion (358)

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21-06-2020, 21:08

so selfish

Por Manuel

Ascended (19196)

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21-06-2020, 21:40

I'm confused, the screenshots show Midnight Rally: https://twitter.com/nf_ban/status/1273900794266284034
So, what is Midnight Rally's relation with A1 Grandprix?

Por wimpie3

Champion (434)

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21-06-2020, 21:47

The picture with the ID card is from Midnight Rally, the other ones from A1 Grandprix.

Por tfh

Prophet (3277)

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21-06-2020, 21:51

It would be so cool if it were possible to the The Links network set-up again somehow and to make these games playable (and available) again...

Por Randam

Paragon (1431)

imagem de Randam

21-06-2020, 22:12

Yeah... with netplay in fmsx or webmsx it would be really nice. If some of those games like dires, girly block or those in the the links pack could indeed be played again that would be awesome...

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