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02-08-2020, 14:25

It is hard to define what exactly Intermega DLX is, but in general, this is an application (PC/Windows) that I have developed for the purposes of memorabilia and preservation of the ITM file format, as well as the creation of images of protected floppy disks (DSK/DMK) and cassette tapes (WAV/TSX).

Some of you might already have heard of Red Point, which was a one of the most popular shops that commercialised video games for microcomputers in Argentina. They had their own proprietary file format (ITM) that was named after Intermega, which was their tool for copying MSX titles (formatted as ITM) onto protected floppy disks and cassette tapes distributed with custom loaders.

Hence, Intermega DLX implements the protection mechanisms used by Red Point, for the creation of floppy disk and cassette tape images that resemble dumps of actual storage media protected and distributed by Red Point, for use on real MSX computers or with emulators. More precisely, with this tool you can create your own ITM files that can be added to protected floppy disk images, or be converted to protected tape images.

In addition, this tool comes with an extensive help manual and ITM loaders that I developed to use separately to load ITM files stored in FAT12 partitions (without necessarily being part of protected media). The help manual is in CHM format, and it covers a wide range of topics from the use of the application to memorabilia (e.g. historical data, photos, events, screenshots) and really complex low-level details regarding ITM specifications and MSX software protections used by Red Point.

There is still room for improvements, but I think that the project can be shared already. You can find it for download at

I trust that the help manual will answer most of your questions, but if that is not the case, you can send me an email (you will find my email address in the About section).

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Por ~mk~

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03-08-2020, 04:41

Excellent work Saccopharynx!
ITM format is great for those us with limited MSX hardware, and Intermega DLX exceeds my expectations.
Works perfectly, It is easy to use, and as a bonus, brings back those old memories of Red-Point games.
I must say, I am not exactly proud of the whole software piracy thing that took place in Argentina, but it was part of our history, and with this software and its great manual (I still haven't finished reading it!) you are helping document and preserve it.
Thanks for sharing!

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03-08-2020, 08:48

Thanks ~mk~, for your comments and for trying Intermega DLX!

I'm glad to hear that the tool is friendly enough despite the underlying complexity of the software protections implemented. I agree with you, software piracy is not something to be proud of! Unfortunately, it was not like we had two choices (legal and illegal software) and we preferred to be the sinners. The fact was that original titles were not even sold in Argentina. In addition, I could say that, technically and strictly from a legal point of view, none of these shops (e.g. Red Point, Real Time, Look Time) distributed pirated software, as the archaic laws in place at that time were not suitable for software copyright. However, I understand that selling software without owning intellectual property was immoral and ethically incorrect.

As you well said, that was part of our history, which I think we should not deny or let die! With that, I would also like to make clear that the only and actual intention of Intermega DLX is to punctually preserve an interesting file format and software protection routines rather than letting them rust away and disappear forever!