First steps with MSX-Music

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11-08-2020, 10:02

Briqunullus wrote:

Just wondering. Because of that detection routine, even clones wouldn't work in an I/O only slot, would they?

Yes, technically clones work just fine on I/O slots as they don't need to be activated first, but usually detection routines search "PAC2OPLL" / "APRLOPLL" ID-string from ROM and if they can't find it they likely switch to PSG music instead.

Por Metalion

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11-08-2020, 10:32

Grauw wrote:

If you detect an FM-PAC, you need to set bit 0 of address #7FF6 to enable the I/O ports (disabled by default to allow multiple FM-PACs). Further explanation here here. Example code including detection following the MSX Datapack advice here.

Yes, I am aware about that procedure to enable the I/O ports after detection. At the moment, I'm just happy (for my tests) that the FM-PAC cartridge works directly out of the box with I/O ports, without any need for initialization.

I ran into another problem : I assumed, reading the YM2413 application manual, that to produce any note, you just could enter the F-number of a given octave (for example the 4th octave), and then change the octave in the Block bits (in registers 20h-28h). So for example, I could do this :

note    F-number    Block
C4      171         4
C5      171         5
C6      171         6

And if you check with this formula, it seems to confirm that :
Fnumber = Fmus . 2^18/ Fsam / 2^(Block-1)

But it doesn't seem to work entirely like that. I get some notes in 4th octave, some in 3rd, but some notes are missing. So I guess I got it wrong. Could someone correct me on that ?

PS : I think this hobby needs a fuller and clearer MSX-Music application manual. Yamaha can be so obfuscated sometimes in their explanations ...

Por Grauw

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11-08-2020, 10:32

No, your assumption is correct. Something else must be wrong if it doesn’t work for you. Maybe to do with key on, or you’re using the wrong bits?

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11-08-2020, 11:46

I found the problem : my F-number table was incorrect, and the E note was missing. I had this :

F_number	; A,A#,B,-,C,C#,D,D#,E,-,F,F#,G,G#
	word	288,306,324,0,171,182,192,204,0,216,229,242,257,272

where I should have had this :

F_number	; A,A#,B,-,C,C#,D,D#,E,-,F,F#,G,G#
	word	288,306,324,0,171,182,192,204,216,0,229,242,257,272

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03-10-2020, 10:36

OK, now trying to play a user instrument.
My first try is with MSX-MUSIC built-in user instruments.
I've done this program:

20 _VOICE(@58,,)
30 _AUDREG (16,216)
40 _AUDREG (48,&h20)
50 _AUDREG (32,&b00011000)

But it gives me 'Syntax error in 20'
I used this page as reference :
What am I doing wrong ?

Por Manuel

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03-10-2020, 12:42

Just leave out the extra commas there. They are only needed if you want to 'skip' channels in the voice specification.

Por Metalion

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03-10-2020, 13:18

OK, thanks, it works now.

Por Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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24-10-2020, 00:46

In K.H.'s Tweet - with powerful MSXPen that's always on our side - some insight on BASIC CALL TEMPER.

Por snake

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11-03-2021, 13:49

anyone managed to use drums?

According to ym2413 manual, register 0E enables drums and sets the tone, and registers 36-38 set volume.
So, i attempted to write the value 00100100 on register 0E and 11111111 to registers 36-38 but nothing happens...

Por Metalion

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11-03-2021, 14:32

Do you do a Key ON/Key OFF (on registers 20h-28h) ?

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