POWER CHUPIN, your new backup tool

Por cbsfox

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14-12-2020, 19:56

Hello guys, I have just created a new tool to create backup ROMs of MSX cartridges.
With this tool you can create ROM files of your MSX Cartridges with different sizes, from 16 Kb up to 2048 Kb.
And with the most common mapper types, like Konami, ASCII 8 Kb, ASCII 16 Kb.

Its necessary to have a slot expander or another device to disable the cartridge ROM and allow booting into DOS.

You need to select the Slot and Subslot of the cartrdige game and that is it.

Please, test the tool and let me know about the results.

Download link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlpEtfGjLbhm1H1tlv8n-jhig2rg?e=sTb5Ra

Marcos Daniel Blanco de Oliveira

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Por enribar

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19-12-2020, 15:15

Thankyou for making it, we are doing some tests. Can you provide ad archive with single files? (not a DSK?), thnx.

Por timbru

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21-12-2020, 17:05

I know that MFR has a way to disable booting the cartridge ROM, but does anyone know if there is a way to achieve the same using a Carnivore2 and booting into nextor to use this?