Newbie question: using openMSX to debug

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Por Grauw

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07-03-2022, 22:32

albs_br wrote:

Is there a way to ram_watch a signed variable?

You can specify signed types like -type s16.

ram_watch add 0xfc9e -desc JIFFY -type s16 -format hex

(Note that ram_watch is provided by a TCL script which if needed you could edit to do what you want.)

Por albs_br

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07-03-2022, 22:52

I didn't remember there is a help on console (I almost don't use the openmsx console directly, only via tcl scripts).

Indeed there is support for signed numbers, bot not by using the -format parameter, but the -type parameter:

-type u8
-type s8


Thanks for helping.

Edit: I wrote this before see @Grauw answer. Thanks for both @Grauw and @Manuel

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