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Por Vahan

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20-05-2021, 23:18

Are there maps for the other provinces, or just the first one? Also, how do I jump on rocks, as seen here?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sItWZpE7LKY (40:13 point)

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Por JohnHassink

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21-05-2021, 00:46


the trick is to pretend like you have the ability to jump diagonally in this game (even though it's locked to 4-directional movement). As long as your sprite is facing up or down, you just need to hold both directions for something that would constitute a valid diagonal jump (as in, no more than 3 rocks between you and an empty space), then press the jump button, and the game will process a successful jump in the vertical direction, landing you on top of a rock.

Por Vahan

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21-05-2021, 00:56

All right, it worked! What about the other provinces? Right now, I'm at the Tanba Province.

This version isn't like the Famicom one; each Province has a very different layout.

Por wimpie3

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21-05-2021, 06:50

As far as I know, maps for the other provinces have never been made.

Por Randam

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21-05-2021, 07:21

Maps of the provinces have indeed not been made. But maps of the castles of each province have been made. Those castles are really hard to navigate without them. You can find them here:


Por ro

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21-05-2021, 09:25

It's been a long time, but I think I've drawings of the maps somewhere. I did those with pen and paper, like 30 years ago? wot!