Pennant Race 1

Por Vahan

Expert (86)

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30-05-2021, 18:34

Pretty decent Baseball game. I take it Pennant Race Mode can only be played with two players? When I tried to play it, the second team didn't move by themselves. So I decided to just do 1 Player Mode only.

Also, how different is the second game in comparison to the original one?

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Por Manuel

Ascended (18699)

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30-05-2021, 18:54

I think the 2nd game is graphically a bit more improved. I mostly played the 2nd game, not the first Smile

Por Vahan

Expert (86)

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30-05-2021, 19:01

So what about Pennant Race Mode? I would like some clarification on whether or not I need a second player.

Por Randam

Paragon (1430)

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30-05-2021, 19:05

The pennant mode is a 1 player mode. You need to select 6 teams for that season. FIrst team you select is yours, the others are played by the computer. So the other team should move by themselves.

Teams in 2 have more team members. The teams have more stats to edit. You can set color of jerseys. Slightly expanded game play, some extra bits like the lucky 7th inning animation etc.