All MGS+OPX+MPK+BGM musics in 4 DSK

Por selios2000

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03-06-2021, 15:16

Hi all.
I have created 4 dsk (hdd images of 33mb each) with all my music compilation to use with emulators, so you can easily listen to them on your phone, tablet, etc…

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Por jepmsx

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04-06-2021, 11:20

Thanks for sharing.
Forgive my ignorance, I have tried to run the dsk files in openmsx using openmsx -machine Panasonic_FS-A1ST BGM.dsk and it boots saying boot error.
I think that the problem is the size of disk file and I should use an extension in openmsx to emulate the hard drive. Do you know how could I do it?

Por Sylvester

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04-06-2021, 11:30

try: openmsx -machine Panasonic_FS-A1ST -ext scc+ -ext ide -hda BGM.DSK

Por jepmsx

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04-06-2021, 12:21

Perfect! It works Big smile

Por Robosoft

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04-06-2021, 13:32

Nice! Works great on my MSX-VR, and also a real Turbo-r with nowind interface Big smile