Monkey age

Monkey age

por hamlet em 11-07-2021, 19:31
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He's known for his weakness for pretty blondes, but he's done more than terrify Jumpman and Pauline.

Forty years ago these days, he made his debut as a villain on Nintendo's converted Radar Scope machine. Shigeru Miyamoto's first work was a milestone in the history of video games. In the monkey's skyscraper, the term level was invented, and hardly any game in the past 40 years could do without it.

The game spawned countless spin-offs, it even founded an entire genre.

Jump and Runs would be inconceivable without Donkey Kong, the cheerful plumber also fought evil for the first time here.
In the meantime, Donkey Kong was also allowed to do good, after all, as a family man he also took on duties.

Happy Birthday Donkey Kong!

Which is your favorite Donkey Kong game?

Relevant Link:A comparison of the game on different systems.

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Por tfh

Prophet (2979)

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11-07-2021, 19:52

I actually prefer the coleco port of Donkey Kong for the MSX over the "official'' Ocean release. And is it acutally Donkey Kong game, or a Mario game? Smile
But, still not my favourtite line of games. TFH preferes SHMUP's.

Anyway: Happy Birtday Donkey Kong!

Por TheKid

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11-07-2021, 20:13

Little dutch item about our beloved “dumb” ape
This is the link to a small ne2s item covering the 40th biethday of donkey kong. As explaind in the article, the japanese creator thought donkey was english for dumb, so lucky he didn’t new the correct english word or the ape would be called dumb kong :)

Por CASDuino

Master (238)

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11-07-2021, 21:04

Dual Screen Game and Watch Donkey Kong is still my favourite and the first ever game I managed to get the score to reset.

Por Thom

Paladin (685)

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11-07-2021, 23:27

Did anyone watch the intriguing documentary “The King of Kong, a fistful of quarters”? It’s a must see, in my opinion, and you’ll view the game in a different way afterwards. Even 14 years after the release of the documentary many people are still chasing the Donkey Kong world record and the Billy Mitchell story got some twists in the last couple of years.

Por Pentarou

Champion (396)

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12-07-2021, 00:45

Shouldn't he be called an "ape" * instead of a monkey? ;-)


Which is your favorite Donkey Kong game?

Crazy Kong

* or a Gorilla

Por gdx

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12-07-2021, 02:13

tfh wrote:

I actually prefer the coleco port of Donkey Kong for the MSX over the "official'' Ocean release.

Yes, widely. I hope to see someday the ADAM version on MSX.

Por Pentarou

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18-07-2021, 23:04

Donkey Kong Music/SFX