problems with Megaflashrom SCC+

Por VicViper83

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30-07-2021, 01:00

Hello all, having an issue with my megaflashrom cart. no matter what i do, it keeps launching a Puyo Puyo dsk file on startup. ive tried booting in recovery mode, ive erased the flash rom (F1) and ive tried erase ROM disk (F3) but still, every time it keeps booting up the puyo file. i cant seem to get back to Multimente. im running on a Panasonic FS A1 as well so ive got the boot up UI to deal with as well. normally if i want to boot up the flash cart and erase the existing file on deck, i hold ESC and DEL at the same time. now, just Puyo. always Puyo. any ideas? id hate to have to try and set this thing up from scratch again. its been years since ive done it and would have to figure it all out all over again. any ideas?

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Por Guillian

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30-07-2021, 08:16

DSKs are skipped holding "0" (zero) key and/or deleting the file "NEXT_DSK.DAT" in the SD card.

F3 option in recovery erases the ROM disk, the preinstalled A: drive with Nextor, MultiMente and other tools. So from now on, MultiMente or Nextor will not boot anymore.

You need to restore the ROM disk:
- Download:
- Unpack it and copy the files on the root of your SD card
- Put the card in the cartridge and switch on your computer
- Nextor (operative system) should boot and you will get a "A>" prompt
- Type in the command line:
and press RETURN

Also, if you update the recovery menu, you will not need to hold DEL anymore to skipi the internal firmware of the FS-A1:
Copy RECOVERY.ROM file to the root of you microSD card
Insert the card in the cartridge and boot your MSX
Exit MultiMente, SofaRun or any program that could boot
From command line type: OPFXSD B:RECOVERY.ROM /i34

Por VicViper83

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30-07-2021, 12:17

OMG thank you SO much. i was losing my mind. this did the trick.