Visual Z80

Por Thom

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27-09-2021, 19:48

A visual representation of what the Z80 is doing:

I think it’s really cool.

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Por santiontanon

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27-09-2021, 20:16

WOW!!! That is so insanely cool! Amazing!

Por AxelStone

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27-09-2021, 20:46

Man absolutely magic!

Por Thom

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27-09-2021, 21:17

The creator is twitter user @FlohOfWoe


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28-09-2021, 09:02

The instructions are somehow bugged. I've tried to import this code:

ld sp,stack
loop: call func
jr loop
func: ld hl,data
ld a,r
add a,(hl)
ld (hl),a
data: db 40h
stack: org 30h

and instead of "ld a,r" the cpu executes "in h,(c)"
This makes HL point to FF11h and gives the wrong result
Fancy to see anyway

Por ZjoyKiLer

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18-02-2022, 20:29

Floh has fixed some issues, take a look:

Can you retest Visual Z80 Remix and check if it still has errors?

Por Ped7g

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18-02-2022, 20:23

Visual Z80 Remix has been improved.

Por Gradius2

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17-11-2022, 07:54