Somewhat out of the limelight, Norwegian MSX developer Bengalack has been working on a platformer which is as neat as it is cute. Today it’s been made known that this game will be called Lilly’s Saga - The Stones of Evergreen. In fact, there’s now a proper label as well: Fabulous 8bit. So, what’s the game about, and what can you expect further down the road?

The game will be a platformer in Mario-style. So, you’ll be running around, jumping on enemies and grabbing items to advance through the game. There’s smooth scrolling, both horizontally and vertically, while clouds move by slowly in the back. The level graphics use tiles in screen 4, but there’s little that gives away the limitations that come with this screen mode. The graphics appear to be very clean and detailed. Combined with the fast screen movements, the game will be very pretty to look at.

Musically speaking, Wolf is at the helm, providing his first FM-PAC music since decades. The music for Lilly’s Saga will be cute and fun, somewhat of a mix between Fray and Famicle Parodic 2.

Polish! Everyone who's ever made a game knows that an uncanny amount of time goes into polishing. Lilly’s Saga is no exception to this. It will no doubt be polished, and because of the time required, it’s unclear exactly when the game will be released - although it will probably be 2022.

The game will be a ROM, requiring MSX2, MSX2+ or turbo-R, with MSX-MUSIC for music. To follow its development a bit, you can have a look at Lilly's Saga's development thread in our forum. You can also visit Lilly’s own website!

As Doc from Back to the Future would say: “Toads? Where we’re going we don’t need toads.”

relevant link: Lilly’s Saga (website)
relevant link: Lilly’s Saga Dev footage (YouTube)

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  • Lilly’s Saga - The Stones of Evergreen announced
  • Lilly’s Saga - The Stones of Evergreen announced

Comentários (6)

Por jltursan

Prophet (2619)

imagem de jltursan

05-11-2021, 18:49

Really wonderful engine (and game)!. A Mario clone next?, anyone dares to face Nintendo? BA-team

Por tfh

Prophet (3430)

imagem de tfh

05-11-2021, 19:04

@jtursan... Maybe you've missed a certain release in 2021? Feel free to contact me ;-)

@Bengalack: I really love what you're making here! Keep up the good work!

Por FiXato

Scribe (1743)

imagem de FiXato

05-11-2021, 19:37

Love seeing some MSX development from Norway again, and to hear Wolf making muzak for MSX once more. Big smile

Por valkyre

Paladin (703)

imagem de valkyre

06-11-2021, 09:13

Looking and sounding first class.

Por Bengalack

Paladin (804)

imagem de Bengalack

06-11-2021, 09:33

Thank you guys! Much appreciated feedback Smile

jltursan wrote:

A Mario clone next?, anyone dares to face Nintendo? BA-team

Personally I'm more interested in building a new IP - I like all aspects of it. Facing Big N, or hiding from Big N is not my cup of tea Smile Hopefully my game isn't so "closely inspired" Smile to Mario that it would be a concern for anyone.

Por gdx

Enlighted (6438)

imagem de gdx

06-11-2021, 10:38

Looks very nice.