Suite Macabre (?)

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Por Gig71

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09-12-2021, 06:46

Briqunullus wrote:

I have asked Jorge of Maltanto about the other Micromancers games. He says they have left for good. On the other hand, I have found Multiverse, Children of the Night (Hikaru Games) and Wizard of Wor (Midway) downloadable for Colecovision.

Gig71 wrote:

I look for prisoner of war, ghost

These are games by Unepic Fran. A few months back he said to be working on cartridge re-releases and digital versions.


Por foody

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09-12-2021, 21:36

I ordered ghost and prisoner war myself and it is coming in it's way!! - sniff - Aaaaah! I feel good

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