MSX Wings, port of a famous 90's game/MSX 2+/SC11 (Demo/WIP/POC)

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Por Pac

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21-01-2022, 21:07

Pac wrote:
I'm sure the screen 8 graphics can be better using the proper converter tool and correct options.

What you mean by "proper conversion tools"? All conversions were done by the same tool (BMP2MSX).



Yes, BMP2MSX is the most popular tool for good reasons but not ideal in all situations. You could try Mifui or MSX Image Converter 256 as well.

In my opinion direct conversions to screen 8 without dithering are not good enough, color banding is everywhere. I understand that you want to make the game true to the original, so dithering is probably not in your plans. In that case, as an example, the grey color of the tarmac and buildings (screen 11 version) becomes almost violet in screen 8 so the conversions would need some palette adjustments.

Por Juanmi

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21-01-2022, 21:19

syn wrote:

Imho just let the coder do as he wish, it's his project, his fun, his decision.


Por Manuel

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21-01-2022, 21:32

Juanmi wrote:
syn wrote:

Imho just let the coder do as he wish, it's his project, his fun, his decision.


Indeed, exactly that! Have fun coding this! In any case it looks like it will be great!

Por sdsnatcher73

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22-01-2022, 07:34

Of course the developer should do his thing and enjoy it, but when you post here in a community forum one will surely expect some comments, feedback and suggestions. But we as community should not feel we deserve anything (and I don’t think we did that Wink). And I think one of the enjoyments can be sharing and receiving feedback…

Por albs_br

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22-01-2022, 14:14

I haven't much experience on image editing or conversion to MSX formats, so I'm sharing the original background image on bmp format. If anyone could do treatment and conversion to SC5/8 format It would be of great help. There are dozens of tasks on backlog to make the game someday see the light of day.

Thaks a lot for any help.

Por Grauw

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22-01-2022, 14:27

The image uses 15-bit RGB (so 5 bits / 32 steps per colour component), and the colour component values of the pixels in the PNG are all exact multiples of 8. The image uses 60 different colours in total.

Por MsxKun

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22-01-2022, 14:34

And that's why you shouldn't show your projects until they're finished Tongue

Por albs_br

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22-01-2022, 16:54

I didn't mean to be rude, but that's just too many work for a (apparently) not so good result.

And there is nothing wrong on a colective work (isn't it the purpose of open source?). For sure other people have the skills to make the task.

If the tradeoff between work and result improves, it can be viable, but not as a priority. That would be one of the last things of the project.

These kind of work has no payment at all, the only "salary" is the fun coding. And, as I learned from previous projects, the fun vanishes after some months, so there must be a finished (good enougth) version before that.

Por erpirao

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24-01-2022, 23:17

Por Manel46

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29-01-2022, 15:02

Hi albs_br
Why don't you use screen 12?
I've tried it and it works perfectly.
Being YJK, you can get the full image with BMP2G9B.

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