an idea for the MSX quizzz in Beuningen

Por OeiOeiVogeltje

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21-02-2022, 01:27

Hi there
as some of you know i have been presenting the MSX quizzz during the msx fairs organized by Quibus.
so far i have been able to come up with more or less new ideas on how to do it;
showing pats of screenshots
tunes backwards
someone playing tunes on a piano
year of release
and so on and on
but.. im running out of new ideas

does anyone here have an idea for the MSX quiz?

not too difficult to realize in this fair setting

bring it!

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Por FiXato

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21-02-2022, 08:02

names (be they character, world or zone names), and then guess the game they are from?
e.g. Nagash: Realms of Adventure, or Pier 17: SD Snatcher.

Por Grauw

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21-02-2022, 11:39

MSX characters acted out by the host, and the audience has to guess who it is.

I want to see OeiOeiVogeltje’s acting as Pengu and Vic Viper Smile.

Por Repair-Bas

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21-02-2022, 13:09

Lets do a hardware quiz, some little pieces of hardware, but maybe multi-answers, lika a,b,c, d

Por wolf_

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21-02-2022, 13:13

Game images (screen 5), shown without the appropriate palette..., e.g. default MSX1-like colours. Wink

Por Haze

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21-02-2022, 13:52

Game box art without the titles

Por OeiOeiVogeltje

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21-02-2022, 14:40

me as pengu...

Por tfh

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21-02-2022, 14:53

OeiOeiVogeltje wrote:

me as pengu...

Well, you could also do Sexy Dinamite Michael ;-)