Penguin Adventure Remake - pre Alpha

Por nachovica

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08-05-2022, 19:29

I started two years ago to work on a remake of Penguin Adventure, as a way to motivate myself to learn Unity.
I left the project after few weeks, but then last Decembrer I decided to start again from scratch.
This is the result of 5 months of fun in my spare time (very reduced, basically a few hours on saturdays and sundays).
There are still a lot of things to do, but things are starting to take shape. Wink

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Por tfh

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08-05-2022, 20:02

Nice work Smile Looking forward to your progress!

Por FiXato

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09-05-2022, 00:06

I remember seeing your project back then and looking forward to it. Smile Glad to see it made a return. Big smile

Por msaad

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06-06-2022, 07:19

Hey man, awesome idea. Super promising

I have been thinking about recreating Penguin Adventure for VR (mainly you move your hands back and forth to run and you can jump... etc). Maybe I can reach out to you once I have a clearer idea of what it would look like to see if we could collaborate