meisei, new MSX emu

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Por Samor

Prophet (2145)

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18-01-2012, 09:49

if you can operate fmsx-dos, I don't see why you'd have problems with meisei's .cas emulation...

Por DanySoft

Champion (451)

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18-01-2012, 23:51

But it would be better to use a modified the Meisei is permission to re-save the BASIC / BLOAD the file TAP Smile, is saved on several occasions but not overwrite another file that lies ahead in the file. TAP emulator.

Bye bye

Por hap

Paragon (2040)

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19-01-2012, 01:25

For security, you can only save files to free blocks. If you want to overwrite an old block: insert a free block, save the file there, and remove the old block.

Por DanySoft

Champion (451)

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19-01-2012, 23:20

This emulator meisei is not valid to make work only the programs for BASIC and BLOADable. 
Is resolved the problem with BLueMSX, olther emulator. 

The meisei is not secury the 100% on BASIC to save TO TAPE.
    bye bye

Por nanochess

Master (222)

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20-01-2012, 14:23

A good feature for developers (at least for me) would be to have a viewer/editor of RAM/VRAM

Por Manuel

Ascended (18736)

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20-01-2012, 19:14

nanochess: for that, use blueMSX and openMSX (with openMSX debugger).

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