Where to get the Treasure of Usas?

Por rotops

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26-01-2023, 19:35

Hi. I love the MSX games as they for some reason have a certain charm to them with the graphics and especially the music. Just played homebrew games like StevenDore, Angelic Warrior Deva and..I guess La-Mulana sort of counts?

But one oddball that I want to try out is the one Konami for some reason has ignored which is Treasure of Usas. Is there a way to buy it legally? I know its..not possible in some cases and I perfectly understand if getting the rom the illegal way is the only option as I would like to play this game. It got me interested to say the least.

If buying it from Japan is the only way for getting it legally, that..isn't possible for me to do right now.

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Por FiXato

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26-01-2023, 20:31

250 Euro + shipping from Spain: https://www.ebay.nl/itm/255886945244

Honestly, if you just want to play it, and aren't looking to enrich your collection with it (and if you are, then IMHO the previously mentioned copy is in a terrible condition, especially for that price...) just for it to be pretty, I'd say go for the alternative means of obtaining it.
Especially if you haven't played it before... I can't imagine paying such high prices for a game only to find out it might not even be the kind of game for you.

Por Pencioner

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26-01-2023, 20:33

It costs lots of money though (as it is rare enough), but there are copies sometimes available in EU on ebay

Por Pencioner

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26-01-2023, 20:38

Hehe FiXato Wink you nailed it (it is same link)

Though, i just checked on Yahoo auctions - three lots, cheapest is almost same money but shipping from JP and import tax makes it non-competitive to this ebay lot heh

Por Pac

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26-01-2023, 22:20

A more affordable option (Spanish second hand site).


Por valkyre

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27-01-2023, 07:19

Maybe repro factory

Por rotops

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27-01-2023, 14:37

Pac wrote:

A more affordable option (Spanish second hand site).


I tried this link..it doesn't seem to work(and its in spanish unless I'm mistaken).

But yeah..I guess the better option is the other method as there is no way I can even afford buying it for that much let alone going all the way to Europe to get it to my place.

Although I understand that this site is meant as means of archiving games that shouldn't be a legal problem, I would really suggest to archive a ROM of this game and make it as downloads seeing that Konami has completely ignored it entirely and that its already 36 years old..a time that the game would most likely be forgotten because from the looks of the footage alone, it looks like a criminally underrated game.

And considering that the downloads already has games that are fan made projects that are as bad as distributing roms, and that some of the ROMS are based on well established IPs, I don't see why this one should be taken seriously. Again, I understand if msx.org refuses to distribute the rom of Treasure of Usas.

Regardless, thank you for your answers everyone. :)

Por Briqunullus

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27-01-2023, 15:07

True, this site doesn't allow direct download links. However, we all know how it works. Just Google for it and you'll find it

Por selios2000

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28-01-2023, 22:21

There are even enhanced versions of the game!!