Days before assembly.

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16-05-2023, 22:15

In the days I was not able to program in assembly I used MCBC2 and KUN basic.
Are people still using MCBC? And saving to bin files?
In the early days I used it a lot to speed up routines.
Is it possible to use KUN basic and save compiled basic to bin file?
I have never thought of it, but it should be possible for enhanced basic users, who have not moved to assembly, but want to speed up routines.

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Por jepmsx

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17-05-2023, 11:01

Sorry for my ignorance, what does MCBC2 stand for?

I used to program in Kun basic when using Graphics9000 (around 25 years ago). There is where I discovered it.

Nowadays, after twenty years without programming, I've started to cross compile using sdcc and Fusion-C. I'm loving this revival.

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17-05-2023, 13:05

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