MSX Ringtones (was: KingsValley I midi)

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Por Sander

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29-06-2003, 13:38

I got my Nokia 6100 phone this week. (It only costed me 59 euro and a contract renewal with T-Mobile).

After obtaining the Nokia data cable (a wooping 69 euros!) and installing the cable driver and Nokia PC suite I went on trying to get some midi files in the phone.

The Nokia pc suite indeed contains a program to convert standard midi files to polyphonic ringtones and upload them, but just plain converting them doesn't work most of the time.

If the midi file has to much empty tracks or it is too big, the file just won't play after uploading to the phone.

The same counts for midi files with a lot of channel data (e.g. substain, velocity etc)

I searched for a freeware midi editor, and after trying some I found this one that does the trick: Jazzware Midi Sequencer

It has build for windows 95, windows NT and Linux. If you are using Windows 2000 or XP, use the NT build. It works.

I tried a lot of midi files with this programs. The trick is that you need a midi file that also sounds good if you play it through the Microsoft software synthesizer. If it only sounds good on your soundblaster Live or on your external midi device, forget it. If the midi file contains a lot of different tracks filles with midi data (10 or more) it's also gonna be difficult to make that sound good on your 4 channel polyphonic phone.

If you manage to find a good midi file, open it in the Jazzware Sequencer. Try finding the repeating patterns in the editor. Copy and paste your favorite pattern in a new file.
Make sure the tempo is ok. You can click on the tempo button in the top left pane to re-adjust it.

Save your new file. Open it in the Nokia Sound Converter ( part of the Nokia PC suite).

Choose "Advanced Conversion". Now you can shuffle the midi channels up and down and give them Polyphonic channel numbers. You can select more than 4 midi tracks, the nokia program will mix those together (sounds familiar? ;). The trick is here to mix those channels that has instruments and note data wich doesn't play at the same time.
(This way I managed to cram in 8 midi tracks for my Space Manbow ringtone).

Just keep on trying with shuffling those tracks. Eventually some good comes out. Or not, but then you didn't start off with the right midi file ;)

Don't forget to save your converted midi file between shuffling, each time you think it sounds nice. Sometimes I shuffled to much, and didn't remember the steps I did before. Time killers!

Use the same Nokia program to upload them to your phone.

After toying around for a few hours, I managed to get some nice ringtones:
F1 Spirit, in stage.
Space Manbow, first stage.
Metal Gear 1, Outside the buildings.
Salamander, first stage.
Twinbee, first stage.

Most of them sound awsome!

I will put them online here, or somewhere else if there are people interested. has a extensive midi collection, but that part of our site is in beta testing, because the internal midi replayer doesn't work yet. If there are enough people who want access to those files, I can ask Snout to make it so.

In the meantime, use google. Another good starting place is the Japanese website of HIGUCHI, a former msx user who did an excellent job on some midi tracks with msx tunes. It's located here:

Please note that you need his permission if you want to redistribute his files. has permission.

Por saab_rider

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29-06-2003, 14:26

Thanks for the GREAT input Sander! I know what you're talking about, cause I've used Nokia's PC Suite too! I'd be interested in listening to the files you've created. If I have free time, I'll even look into that program you recommended. The link you sent is also great! But one comment though. Why didn't you simply get a USB Ir port insted of buying the data cable? I'm sure it's much cheaper. I know it's a pain to keep the phone next to the Ir port and activate the phone's Ir etc... But this way I don't have to buy a different cable everytime I change my phone Smile Let us know if you'll post the ring tones!

Big smile saa[b_r]ider Big smile

Por anonymous

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30-06-2003, 13:22

Bah, with all these kinds of utilities and upload programs, where has the ART gone? ^^;

Signed, a manual ringtone input specialist Tongue

Por shaiwa

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30-06-2003, 15:08

GuyveR800, the tools are there to make your life easier.
It's to the creator to make it a piece of art... not just convert the thing
and put it on the web.

It took me almost 2 hours to make the kings_valley midi almost sound like the real one
but it could be done within 5 minutes without any editing re-arranging and other strange

You can check it out. Do a -logsnd with fmsx-dos, after that use psg2mid to create a
midi..... doesnt sound like my midi ! look at the file size, much bigger is'nt it.
Ok,... try to re-arrange the midi file.... well that isn't as easy as it seems like.

Any way, i didn't use fmsx to create that midi tough.

Por Sander

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20-07-2003, 01:19

Ok, I promised to post my converted midi files for the Nokia polyphonic soundchips.

Here is a zip file with some converted midi files. Download them and upload them with the pc data suite from nokia.

Enjoy, Sander.


Por Low_Profile

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26-08-2003, 13:36

Ok Ok... I've got a new phone recently (Mitsubishi I-mode) and I was wondering how I can mail my own ringtones to that phone (what format should they be) because everytime I mail the ringtone as an attachment to my phone the attachment gets automatically deleted by my phone Sad

I use the psmplayer tool to convert the ringtones (I've tried so many combinations already, what am I doing wrong) Smile

NEVER MIND!!! I just found out I can download midifiles directly from internet into my phone! Smile ... w00h00... now I can put some nice msx tunes into my phone ^_^

Por dexx

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19-09-2004, 21:09

ok, this is why it doesn't work on you i-mode

mitsubishi supports midi files
NEC supports MMF (yamaha's SMAF format*) and midi
Samsung supports MMF , IMY and MIDI (atleast my phone does)

u can send PSG like midi files to me, and i'll convert them to MMF (best sound quality)

* MMF is for yamaha's own mobile audio. (MA1, MA2, MA3 and MA5)
MA1=4 voices
MA2=16 + adpcm
MA3=32 FM + 8 PCM (wavetable)
MA5=32 FM + 32 PCM + AL synthesizer (analog lite) + HV (humanoid voice generator) (that one is in my phone) Smile

go to HTTP://SMAF-YAMAHA.COM for info.. you can also listen to some demo tunes ;)

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