First time in front of an MSX2 system - the technical difficulty stage...PAL to NTSC output advice

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Por DamageX

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24-06-2008, 03:34

What kind of NTSC TV do you have that has RGB input? what kind of connector does it use?

Por Pliskin414

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24-06-2008, 04:10

Hi there, my tv has standard Red, green, blue input for RGB cables (component) plus the white and Red input for audio. I also have RCA (composite) yellow for video input as well. I don't think my tv is the problem; its in the connection to one of these slots that I am lost, mainly with the scart to RGB or to RCA (coming from a PAL to an NTSC TV). Thanks.

Por dhau

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24-06-2008, 05:20

Component is not RGB, it's YPbPr. Cheapest working RGB to component encoder is about 100$, and some people complain that output is a bit fuzzy anyway. Plus you'll most likely need to solder a custom cable.

Por JohnHassink

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24-06-2008, 05:34

On a little unrelated note: I was only wondering if anyone knew if Japanese games play 100% on european systems?
One of the best features of the MSX standard is total compatibilty. Smile
So no, you can play any Japanese MSX (2) game on any MSX (2).

However, related to what Grauw pointed out, Japanese developers expected a 60 Hz interrupt frequency (like NTSC) rather than 50 Hz (like PAL).
As far as I know, European MSX machines boot in 50 Hz mode; Japanese ones in 60 Hz.

Playing a game which was designed for 60 Hz in 50 Hz mode will result in music & sfx playing too slow.
It should also have effect on the frames / second displayed, and especially on old monitors you'll easily notice the difference.

Luckily, the game you intend to play (Solid Snake) is one of the (later) releases (amongst demos) which automatically set it to 60.

In case you'd want to try other games using a European MSX to play (Japanese) 60 Hz games stored on disk images (including cracked .ROMs),
and which do not adjust the interrupt by themselves you can evade the issue as follows:

* Boot your machine without any disk set. You'll get in BASIC mode

* Insert the disk (image)

* Type:

VDP(10)=0 [ENTER]


CALL SYSTEM [ENTER] ---------- (or RUN / include it in the loader (usually .LDR or .BAS) file of the game)

Example given: the very first Metal Gear chapter ever to see the light of day:

Metal Gear, Konami 1987



Por DamageX

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24-06-2008, 06:37

aha. It's (insane but) true, the set of red/green/blue connectors on newer NTSC TVs are not actually for red/green/blue video signals. So, aside from getting a real RGB 15KHz monitor, the other option would be an RGB to composite/component converter such as JROK or Neobitz

Por Pliskin414

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24-06-2008, 07:36

All this is leading me to pack my suitcase and move to a cold, desolate piece of land in the middle of Europe {albeit with an electrical outlet} and settle down for a while, honestly I never expected that playing this PAL MSX2 on an NTSC tv would be so difficult, or so heavy on the wallet. I am looking at a few japanese systems and these may be just what I need. I really want to play it on this MSX2, as it has 128 ram + a double-disk drive, but I honestly am not willing to spend $100.00 on an extra cable, or cables, or cables within cables (not too practiced with a soldering iron) when I can buy a fully working system for that price, or hopefully cheaper. In any event, thanks for all of your info; I have been enlightened because of it all.

Por Pliskin414

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24-06-2008, 07:40

To: DemonSeed
I see now, this is what I thought but in any event I might be purchasing a japanese system so no worries on that front!
NOTE: another unrelated side-question = I was wondering, as it seems like the MSX2 (Japan) is only 64 RAM, is that enough to run the Metal Gear titles (min. is 64) smoothly or will noticeable problems occur, such as slowdown ,etc.? I honestly have no idea, as these are run through cartridges yet are still computers, but you can never be too sure. Thanks for your detailed help on my earlier question!

Por ro

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24-06-2008, 08:10

Snake Pliskin, won't an emulator do the job for ye?
Yeah, I know, it can't beat the *real* thing Smile

Por Pliskin414

Rookie (24)

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24-06-2008, 08:31

to: ro
so you found out the truth behind my name, eh?
Honestly, and you already said it yourself, but that is just the problem. I have always felt that if I really wanted to play a title, when it comes to classic gaming, such as Metal Gear 1 & 2 in this particular case, then I would owe it to myself to experience such a thing in all of its glory, and therefore to run something such as that on an emulator is something I could do, but I will not do because something is lost in the process, for me it is the satisfaction that is also related to my enjoyment of the title. However, it's not like I just jump in and say 'Hey, I fell (sp.)? (asleep) like spending a whole lot of money on this nice item, and that one over there, and you in the corner!". No, when it comes down to something like this, because Metal Gear 2 was not exactly cheap XD, I take it all in carefully. So far everything has been good, but I could not see the problem that I had gotten myself into when I picked up a PAL system. Oh well, no problem, Ill find a way, it may just take a little longer than I originally planned.
Now all I have to do is teach myself how to speak Japanese, I am not missing a word on that intro Big smile, and Ill be good to go!

Por jltursan

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24-06-2008, 10:45

Component is not RGB, it's YPbPr

Wtf!; so why the inputs are colored red, green and blue?. Engineers... Tongue

@Pliskin414: I'm afraid that you'll definitely need an adaptor to make use of your MSX2 on your TV set.
Think seriously about buying one of those japanese machines and if I'm not wrong, there's no (cartridge) game that needs more than the basic 64 KB. The usual 128/256 KBs of european machines (mainly Philips) are more applicattion oriented (although, thanks the extra memory, you can run ROM games from disk Tongue).
MSX2+ machines are pretty cool, take a look at The ultimate MSX FAQ: The MSX2+ Computer. Aren't the Panasonic machines real beauties? :)

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