For Sale: Turbo-R FSA1-GT

Por RemcoZ

Paladin (966)

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20-07-2008, 21:47

Hi guys (and girls),

With a little pain in my heart, I've decided to sell my Panasonic Turbo-R FSA1-GT.
The computer is completely original, no modifications. The orgininal box, disks and manuals are still there.
What else is there:
- 110/220 Power Converter
- Dragon Slayer 6 (complete incl. map, but manual is a bit damaged)
- Several original games (mostly Sunrise and other European games)
- Music Module (no modifications)
- CF-Card Reader
- MoonSound (no modifications)
- Perhaps I forgot something... But I'll check that asap.

The object is located in the east of the Netherlands.

For more information or bids, please leave me a message. Or mail me at

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Por Latok

msx guru (3832)

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20-07-2008, 21:57

In 2 years time, You're going to be sorry for this Smile

Por RemcoZ

Paladin (966)

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22-07-2008, 20:05

Yeah... That's what kept me from selling it 5 years ago...

I haven't used it that much since that time. Just on occasion to listen some old tracks and play the oldskool games (Xak, (SD)Snatcher, Metal Gear and Solid Snake (2)). I do still owe the last two...

A little update though, not listed above, I put in my Philips monitor and a whole lot of magazines (all MC&CM and Belgium MCM (23+) as well.
I put an ad on Dutch as well.

For all those bidder outside the Netherlands, I do ship this abroad. But due to the size and the weight, the shipping and handling costs can go up ad much as 45~50 Euro... Sorry.

I wait untill friday, then I contact the highest bidder.

Por RemcoZ

Paladin (966)

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29-07-2008, 06:29


Por ro

Scribe (4451)

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29-07-2008, 07:54

you'll be sorry... now, sod off and Running Naked in a Field of Flowers will ye! damn shame! booohoo!!