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Por SMDNearDark

Master (136)

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26-04-2009, 00:31

As far as I tested Illusion City is working at least i could start the game and get to the beginning Smile

Por SMDNearDark

Master (136)

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26-04-2009, 01:14

The topic W76 mentioned in which Bifi writes it started with a disassembly of is correct.

At this time the only thing you can compare Runit v2.0 to is that it uses the same format as getdisk to read disks on your HDD Tongue

It runs any game you could run with but probably more games this time as it has a complete DOS1 environment in DOS2 now. No extra memory is used anymore.

I am sure games will never use FAT and DIR buffers so that is where I put the code that I need. Sector buffer is still available as games might use it. Maybe not but to be sure I kept 512 bytes free for a sector buffer.

The DOS2 segments will never be altered by the game, (A minor patch is done by runit to disable some routines that make some games go FUBAR though Tongue)

The MicroCabin games that I think are fully working now are: Fray, Xak2, Illusion City, Tower of Cabin, XAK Tower of Gazzel, Big Strategy and Princess Maker. (the last 3 need a patch if you are the happy owner of a TurboR) I cannot finish the games to test for 100% and that is where I need your input so I can debug if it is going wrong somewhere (if it does please save just before the bug and send the saving to "smd at xs4all dot nl").

I'm so happy that I can finally release a working version after sooooo much debuggin and coding Smile

NEARDARK is alive and providing real good stuff Big smile

Por SMDNearDark

Master (136)

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26-04-2009, 19:06

Please download this version

It is the latest and also contains patches for some games. More patches will follow.

To patch the game download IPS4MSX from the TNI website

You need to concat the diskimages to one image before aplying the patch.

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (10092)

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26-04-2009, 22:58

Details omitted from the newspost, due size (and because newsposts aren't really to be complete development logs Tongue)

The known bugs are:
- XAK 1 (the MSX hangs entering some buildings in the first village you enter);
- Illusion City (the english version won't work due to some recoding by the translator);
- Fray turbo R (Japanese version);
- Herzog (the MSX hangs after the opening screen);
- Fantasm Soldier 2 (the MSX hangs when you get killed);
- Dragon Slayer 5 (has corrupted graphics, but does start);
- Konami Collection disks (won't start and causes the MSX to hang);
- Laydock (won't start and causes the MSX to hang);
- Pacmania (the MSX hangs right in the beginning of the game);
- Seed of Dragon (won't start and causes the MSX to hang);
- Testament (won't start and causes the MSX to hang).

Games which are now assumed to work correctly and caused some problems earlier are:
- Xak 2 (English and Japanese versions);
- Xak Tower of Gazzel (English and Japanese versions);
- Fray MSX2 (English and Japanese versions);
- Firehawk Thexder;
- Aleste 2 (also without patch to prevent harddisk spinning down).

The interfaces we tested RunIt with:
- Sunrise IDE interface;
- Sunrise CF ATA-IDE interface;
- MSX Club Gouda Novaxis SCSI interface;
- ESE Artist's Factory MEGA-SCSI interface.

The computers we tested RunIt with:
- Panasonic FS-A1GT;
- Panasonic FS-A1WX (with this one we use the 6Mhz option to decrease loading times, while not loading the MSX is switched back to 3,5Mhz else the music won't play correctly).

Por W76NearDark

Paladin (684)

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26-04-2009, 23:06

Thanx wolf_ for placing the rest of text here Smile

Por Manuel

Ascended (19298)

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26-04-2009, 23:18

About the known problems: are you still investigating how to improve the program to make them work?

Por W76NearDark

Paladin (684)

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27-04-2009, 00:09

Yep we are Smile

Por W76NearDark

Paladin (684)

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27-04-2009, 01:05

Yeah, as the MicroCabin and sector based games are working for as far as I have been able to test I assume that the runit diskrom is working correctly.

Therefore I am now debugging games to check where it is going wrong if they hang and making IPS patches for it.

For example I know Fray for TurboR is not working because it uses all higher memory segments for buffering. All I have to do is find the buffering code and disable it (which was also the problem with Gazzel, Big strategy and Princess Maker)

Unfortunately I dont think i can fix the english version of Illusion City. The translator has added so much crap to make it work on MSX2/2+ and made it require 512kb memory that makes it pretty hard to find out where its going wrong (I will give it a try though). The original japanese version is working fine.

Use the IPS4MSX tool that Bifi has created to apply the patches after you have concatted the images Smile You can download it at in the tools section.

PS: W76, dragon slayer 6 should run perfectly, I found out that my diskimage is corrupted =/

Por ro

Scribe (4913)

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27-04-2009, 09:21

Don't you just *love* the word "crap" Smile

Por karloch

Prophet (2159)

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27-04-2009, 11:07

I love the crap that let me play Illusion City in english Smile

Keep up the good work! I'll give a try soon and report here.

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