Virtual FDD Emulation Program?


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29-07-2003, 17:16

Hi everyone.

Would you recommend me virtual FDD emulation program running on IDE devices?
As you know, floppy disk drive of Japanese MSX is often out of order, so I am searching for good emulation programs which can handle multiple DSK images.

I tried and hddemu but they couldn't handle DSK image or multiple images. I heard that the emulation program of MEGASCSI can handle multiple DSK images (for example, loading "YS2-1.dsk" and "YS2-2.dsk" and we can exchange dsks just by pushing some keys). And also, I think some methods should be given to change modes between R800 to Z80 because if we use IDE device, R800 mode is automatically on and there may be some problems in running DSK images. I heard that MEGASCSI can do that already.

What do you think about it? Is it possible on IDE devices now? And can it be done by update?? I guess it will be good if the tools of MEGASCSI is available on IDE devices.

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Por sunrise

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29-07-2003, 18:42

Well I see you donot have knowledge about the megascsi tools
-kodak photocd
Three examples of tools that are adapted with cooperation from Okei, Tusjikawa and Jon de Schrijder.
HDDEMU handles the files not by extension dsk but em0,em1 etc the figures stands for the number of disks, but damn sure it is Floppydisk emulation.
However only on turbo-r but it works !

Por MsxKun

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29-07-2003, 23:14

With you may do.

1.- Make a file with all the .dsk files, like that.

COPY /B file1.dsk+file2.dsk+file3.dsk file.dsk (with MS-dOS)


CONCAT file1.dsk+file2.dsk.... file.dsk (i think is like this or so) (with MSX-DOS)

then you'll have three disk on one file.dsk

Then run START.COM and you may change the disks by pressing keys from 1 to 9

I put Aleste 2 disk1 and 2 together on one file, and it works.!


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30-07-2003, 05:02

How about mode switching program between R800 and Z80? Are there any method to switch modes while power is on? As I experienced, all the running time it's R800 mode when I boot using IDE CF and cannot switch to Z80.

Por snout

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30-07-2003, 12:29

If you do have a turboR, first...

1) Get R800-DR.BAS. It's on the installation disks of the CF. Use it, it increases CF read/write speed a LOT

2) You can switch from R800 to Z80 whenever you want, but you'll need a small tool for it. In DOS 2.41 you can switch with CPU 0 (Z80 mode), CPU 1 (R800 ROM mode), CPU 2 (R800 DRAM mode).

3) Get HDDEMU and FDE because they allow you to run virtually any game from HD.


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30-07-2003, 12:38

Where can I get dos 2.41 and tools? I searched but couldn't find and ll the links are broken.

Por Algorythms

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31-07-2003, 10:54

There`s a msxdos tool called too which changes between the 3 modes, and doesn`t need dos 2.41