Very expanded Philips NMS 8250 MSX2 for sale

Por Repair-Bas

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18-10-2009, 19:50

I have a very nice upgraded Philips NMS 8250 MSX2 for sale

The computer is in good condition and complete with keyboard and scart-cable.

- 2 original double sided diskdrives
- MSX-2+ with Basic 3.0, Turbo Basic and V9958
- 512 kB RAM
- Turbo 7 MHz
- Fast Diskrom
- Power supply modification (bigger diodes)
- Sound Modifiaction for the FM-pac and SCC

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Por OeiOeiVogeltje

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18-10-2009, 22:16

FM-pac AND SCC???
how was that done???

Por Repair-Bas

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18-10-2009, 22:36

On a Basic 8250 the sound modules does not work correctly, that is changed.

See my webiste how to change

Por jltursan

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18-10-2009, 23:43


Por onetunafish

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26-10-2009, 21:42

Yes, price please Smile you can hit me at eduardo.peixoto(at) , replace the (at) with @).


Por tcruise

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01-11-2009, 13:04

If it's still available and you are willing to ship overseas, rice to, replace the (at) with @ Smile

Por Repair-Bas

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02-11-2009, 16:34

I want to sent it worldwide.
Please sent me a PM if you are interested

Por brawaga

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05-12-2020, 17:21

Available? Price?

Por meits

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05-12-2020, 17:41

brawaga wrote:

Available? Price?

Por Pencioner

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05-12-2020, 18:09

The odds of having it available 11 years after original post is of course same as the odds of meeting dinosaur on the street... lol

Por djh1697

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05-12-2020, 19:15

I see them all the time, collecting there pensions from the post office