Por LORe

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27-01-2010, 20:24

Any news from MSXA.ORG?

No hardware no software no games... Sad

I've found 2 new games to http://sp-game.cocolog-nifty.com/msx/

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Por guantxip

Paragon (1611)

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28-01-2010, 19:31

Are new these 2 erotic games?

One of them is signed by DALL & Family Soft.

Por Leo

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28-01-2010, 20:22

interesting , the drawing is made by "abogado powers" , japanese company that did also


xwhat is this konami cart btw ?

Por Latok

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28-01-2010, 20:34

the konami cart is Quarth. These new games are interesting to learn more about.

Por mesiasmsx

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14-03-2010, 23:14

These are really 2 new games? . But i think in Europe make better games the last years. I hope Japanese make some new game of quality how Kyokugen, Be bop bout or Moonlight Saga. The MSX is forget in Japan. OCM was only a operation of marketing. Really only there a few lot of users in Japan making thing for MSX. And software of quality not there.

Por FiXato

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15-03-2010, 00:35

Don't forget F-Nano2 as well Big smile awesome F-Zero clone Big smile