King's Valley remake

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Por Tuser

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14-11-2010, 21:48

Thanks Jorito, I would very much like that. The remake on yoyogames is still a BETA version though, I am still improving the graphics and such.
Also, I didn't dramatically change the gameplay, it is simular to King's Valley I, although I did change it a little.
This was because I liked the idea of falling down the level and coming back on top of the level.
Anyway, I'm still working on it. I guess I will be posting a new version on yoyogames soon. The improved graphics will come later, because it's a lot of work. Smile2

Por MrRudi

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15-11-2010, 11:33

Well if you need help with graphics gimme a shout...I still like to pixel every once in a while just for relaxation. I'd offer to help with music but my studio is 'in storage' so i really can't help you out, but I am sure Jorito can help you out there. Or wolf_

If you build in WAV playback for SFX I can help with that though...I did SFX on a lot of (commercial) games.

Por Jorito

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15-11-2010, 20:11

Yeah, I could create some arrangements of the music for you, contact me by mail for that (see my profile for the address). It's a good thing the game doesn't have a lot of songs Smile
What audio formats are allowed? Ogg or mp3 are easiest. MIDI and MOD(-like) would be possible but annoying.

As for SFX: I suggest you take up MrRudi's offer Smile
Same goes for improved graphics: don't be afraid to ask for help!

Por Tuser

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16-11-2010, 16:36

Yeah, thanks guys, that would be amazing LOL!
@ MrRudi: If you would like to make the graphics it would be a GREAT help(quz I suck at it oO). The player has a height of 32 pixels, just so you already know. I would like to let the game feel more like egypt etc.
@ Jorito: If you would be able to get some fitting music for the game that would be great! It would be really amazing if it were a bit simular to the music of King's Valley I and II. Maybe it's easier to work together over mail than like this. The mail I use for my games is
If you both would like to help me out I would be really thankfull. thanks! :D

Por BeauDiGi

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16-11-2010, 19:16

What is differnet with the original and is this going to be released on rom?

Por Tuser

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16-11-2010, 21:06

Well it's kinda hard to explain how it is different, I recommend you check it on
I don't think it is going to be released as rom, but you can always download it from yoyogames.

Por multi

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18-11-2010, 12:25

leegoukko, I played your kingvalley and noticed a few bugs quite quickly:

- If you finished a stage and opened the exit, you can accidentally close the exit. When re-opening the exit en passing through it the stage restarts instead of advancing to the next stage.
- When there is a multi screen stage and you switch to another screen (walk off the screen left or right for instance) the player is hidden and doesn't show.
- The infamous PC keyboard bug (ghosting) is also present with this game. the left + up key cannot be pressed together with the space key. Maybe you can make the shift key work as a secondary option for the spacebar, that way people with a cheap keyboard can play the game without having a control problem.

Anyway, I love the game and this remake seems very accurate. How did you figure out the correct logic for the movement of the opponants? Did you disassemble the origional game or was it more a guess made from observation of the origional?

Por mth

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18-11-2010, 13:23

multi: Ghosting is a different kind of keyboard bug: with ghosting you get too many keys, not too few. Just try on a real MSX in BASIC to hold a bunch of keys; at some point you'll see characters appear from keys that you haven't pressed.

Por multi

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18-11-2010, 14:35

I know, this bug is factually a limitation of cheap anti-ghosting logic circuits built into almost any keyboard you can buy. Even into almost any gaming keyboard...

Por Artikutxa

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18-06-2011, 21:29

Hi all.

I have play this remake at PC. Contains some little bugs (for now at Stage 04 and testing):

- Sometimes the player don't jump correctly. When you stop, and try jump to sides, only jump up.
- At the Stage 04 (maybe at another stages) the white Mummy goes down for stairs (instead down the stairs, go down directly, like would be a hole).

I think this project its really very amazing. All together can test it and comment it bugs, or ideas about how do it best. For now, I'll test it when I can do it and I'll report you the bugs I'll find.

Only a question about this remake: Would be in the future this remake can change graphics (including back-black stage), musics, characters, etc? Maybe and stage editor...

Well. I hope this project ends at a good remake.

P.D.: I try write correctly, but surely, I do it wrong. Sorry, I can't practice english normally and so... Smile

Thank you for you work. Best regards.

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