This is ANMA's RED (Music Recorder/EDitor) including music (and more) from the creators. It's directly from the Source (of Power), André Ligthart.

What's inside the zip-file:

(1)- ANMA's RED (Music Editor/REcorder)
(2)- 7 disks (.dsk) with .AMU music files made with RED v1 (No Fuss, Nosh, SoP, etc).
(3)- 7 disks (.dsk) with .AMU music files made with RED v2 (Frantic, Troxx, Relax).
(4)- A converter that compiles the .AMU to .CON files (.CON = .MUS on the game disks)
(5)- Short manual (Dutch) and a list of all the effects (Dutch).
(6)- list of build-in custom instruments for RED v1 and RED v2.
(7)- some pictures and designs of a hardware interface to the Philips music keyboard.
No Fuss (1991) and all later ANMA products were made with ANMA's RED.

Loading and playing music is easy:
-Start MSX-2 with [CTRL]
-Choose RED v1 or v2
-Choose '6 FM voices + drums'
-Once started, put a disk with music in drive A (.dsk)
-use [F10] to load music
-use [CTRL]+[F1] to play the music

Important other shortcuts:
-use [SELECT] to walk through all the features.
-use [CTRL]+[LEFT] or [CTRL]+[RIGHT] to display other tracks
-use [CAPS]+[F1] to play only 1 track/voice (if you want to analyse the music)
-or read the little manual for more info (Dutch)

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