MSX items for sale/trade - Galaga (cart, jap), Hyper Olympic 2 (jap), MCCM Millennium CDs

By frankn1974

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Аватар пользователя frankn1974

31-07-2011, 20:54

I have for sale/trade:

Namco - Galaga Japanese cartridge:

Konami - Hyper olympic 2 Japanese cartridge:

MCCM Millennium CD-ROM's:

If you wish to trade any of these items, I am looking for the following items (willing to consider all combinations):

Snake runner, Aackosoft/Jaleco (tape)
Spy story, Aackosoft (tape)
MacAttack, Aackosoft (tape/disk)
Boulderdash I, Aackosoft (tape/disk)
Dota, Aackosoft (tape/disk)
Come on Picot, Aackosoft (tape/disk)
Zanac, Aackosoft-Ponyca (tape/disk)
222 - Chess player, Eurosoft (tape/disk)
228 - Chopper One, Eurosoft (tape/disk)
Pharao's Revenge, Eurosoft (tape/disk)
Life in the Fast Lane, Methodic Solutions (tape/disk)
Hard Boiled, Methodic Solutions (tape/disk)
Speedboat racer, Methodic Solutions (tape/disk)
Hype, Methodic Solutions (tape/disk)
Ninja II, Methodic Solutions (tape/disk)
Manual Super cobra, Konami, eur
Manual Tower of Druaga, Namcot, jap
Manual Philips NMS 1520 datarecorder

If you have anything you wish to trade just drop me a line.

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By boss_msx

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Аватар пользователя boss_msx

31-07-2011, 22:11

I'm interested in both;

I can buy them from you or I have some stuff for trade. Pls send me a mail; theboss2000 at

By boss_msx

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Аватар пользователя boss_msx

31-07-2011, 22:13

I ment the two games, not the CDROM Wink