PSG replacement in FPGA

by snout on 26-08-2002, 11:57
Обсуждение: MSX Revival

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Marco Antonia Simon Dal Poz has succeeded in making a PSG replacement in FPGA. To test this, he disconnected the PSG chip from an MSX and connected the FPGA to it. And it all worked like a charm.One of the benefits of this FPGA chip is that it does not depend on a 4MHz clock. It can be clocked up to 100MHz!Personally, I think the Japanese and Brazilian FPGA-developers should contact each other in order to make one big and VERY useful FPGA-chip (which could be used as a basis for/in the one-chip MSX!). As far as I know, the V9938, the V9958, the SCC and the FM-PAC are already emulated in FPGA. Now PSG is added to that. So far, no one has combined (and optimized) these VHDL sources in order to make a huge all-in-one FPGA. So, how about it developers?

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By BiFi

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26-08-2002, 12:11

I agree FPGA developers should join forces (and code) to work on one big useful FPGA-chip containing the V9938, V9958, SCC, MSX-MUSIC,this new PSG emulation and future extensions. It would benefit the MSX-Revival as it indeed can be used as basis for the one-chip MSX).

By snout

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26-08-2002, 20:06

What also is important to me, is that MSX has always been a standard.

It being a standard, has enabled us to code to the limits of the hardware which always gave very impressive results.

Now several hardware developers are working seperately on similiar projects. Co-operation will not only speed-up the development and lead to better products, it will also keep the standard in tact. At least, that is my opinion.