Bazix and D4 Enterprise announce English Project Egg

by wolf_ on 16-01-2009, 19:22
Обсуждение: MSX Revival

It has been quiet around Bazix in the past half year. In summer 2008, they announced that they had ended their cooperation with MSX Association during a situation that still leads to debates. In addition, they wouldn't be able to deliver the much anticipated European version of the 1chipMSX, and the WOOMB website would be taken offline. In that same newspost however, there was this slight hint at the bottom, describing what has just been published at the Bazix website!

On February 1st, 2009 D4 Enterprise Japan, in cooperation with Bazix, is to launch an English counterpart of their popular retrogaming service Project EGG. Although initially aimed at the non-Japanese speaking people in Japan, the English Project EGG will offer PayPal-support, effectively enabling customers from outside Japan to purchase games as well. As Bazix has announced earlier, games previously released in WOOMB will become available again as a result of this partnership.

Initially, more than 500 retrogames will become available in the English version of Project EGG, amongst which many MSX titles. Directly after its launch, only a handful of non-Japanese games or Japanese games translated to English will be available, but this amount will increase in time. Copyright proprietors of retrogames who wish to license their games for distribution through D4 Enterprises retrogaming services are invited to contact Bazix. Visit the Bazix website for the contact details.

Bazix expect to expand their cooperation with D4 Enterprise in many other ways as well, such as the distribution of games for the iPhone/iPodTouch via the Apple Appstore. As soon as more information can be disclosed, Bazix will make an announcement on their website.

Relevant link: Bazix

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By hap

Paragon (2042)

Аватар пользователя hap

16-01-2009, 19:57

Hmm, could you describe Project Egg? Is it like WOOMB, with encrypted data and a special emulator (Windows-only?)? (and if so, will ex WOOMB customers automatically re-own the games they had?)

By karloch

Prophet (2159)

Аватар пользователя karloch

18-01-2009, 12:03

It would be nice to play the WOOMB translations on a real MSX. That's the only thing that was preventing me from buying titles like Aleste 2 in english.

By rolins

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Аватар пользователя rolins

18-01-2009, 17:21

"will ex WOOMB customers automatically re-own the games they had?"

Gee I hope so. I don't mind that it stays emulated on my PC, I just want to play the games in english. Big smile