Challenges (DS6 in particular)

By Geiru

Resident (49)

Аватар пользователя Geiru

22-01-2005, 17:14

The fact that playing a Final Fantasy X 'No sphere Grid Challenge' turned out a nice experience on my PS2 made me try to challenge myself with DS6. In other words, setting certain additional rules to myself to render the game *more* difficult than it is. Up 'til now, I have completed two challenges for DS6: Putting no points in speed or luck and putting no points in strength or intelligence. I quit the 'all-luck challenge' (putting no points in strength, intelligence or speed) in Chapter 3 coz it was even easier than the regular game. Luck is ba-roken in DS6!

Which leads to my question: is there anyone else who has been trying to find ways to make nice 'challenges' for MSX games and RPGs in particular? I thought about SD-Snatcher for a while. Alas, all I could think up was making yourself play with just your initial gun and just the single Flair you need story-wise, but this seemed kinda dull to me. I just like using all those different guns Smile

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