Why and how was MSX-AUDIO failed?

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By meits

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21-02-2013, 23:13

My Sony 700 has a perfect sound balance with all chips in combination with PSG (Konami/Micro Cabin), but when an FPGA SCC gets inserted, the SCC is way too low... Funny...
Though, I do hardly use the line out of my computer. The soundcards have their own line out, so I have 100% control Smile

And about the ESC thing. Luckily I never had a 8220 and I popped out the rom from my music module the same day I bought it Wink

By RetroTechie

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22-02-2013, 01:16

The NMS8250/55/80 had lousy designed audio circuit, a cartridge with 'strong' enough output signal could drown out PSG sound (SCC cartridges being good example IIRC). And a capacitor soldered with polarity the wrong way, or something stupid like that.

Sony HB-F700 has a properly designed sound circuit, but cartridge volume on the low side. That invites you to turn up the volume, which increases noise. Overall not too bad though.

MTC wrote:

The only MSX I had which had good balanced sound out of the box was my NMS8245

Second that. Ex-owner of this machine, very few issues with sound cartridges, good balance between eg. SCC and PSG. Also the Sanyo Wavy FD2 I had later, was pretty good sound-wise (and internal MSX-Music is never a bad thing Smile2 ). Sadly I've never seen a schematic of that machine (let alone downloadable).

By JohnHassink

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22-02-2013, 03:59

MSX-Audio failed because it's cold shit and MSX-Music prevailed because it's hot shit. Wink

By hit9918

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22-02-2013, 23:40

I want to again mention combined channels as the hot thing Smile
I think it is what makes most of the show of the vids that Wolf posted.
Try out combinations of instruments.
And, some OPLL instruments can make a nice low rrr. Add it to some instrument and see. Like this
c0 c2
d0 d2
maybe 1 octave apart, maybe even 3, things to try out.
Sometimes want the rrr loud, sometimes maybe just subtle.

By syn

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23-02-2013, 01:28

Whats a low rrr?

Anyway layering/stacking instruments/channels (whatever the correct term is) is kinda basic music making.... aka something most/every music composer/producer does.

If you meant combining psg with msx-music/msx-audio, well.. im still looking for a tracker that supports that..

By popolon33

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23-02-2013, 10:05

syn wrote:

If you meant combining psg with msx-music/msx-audio, well.. im still looking for a tracker that supports that..

rather use SCMD but you have to learn MML plus Japanese language ;(

By hit9918

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23-02-2013, 14:23

In moonblaster, press select for msx-music, enter C2, there is the rrr.
Then make a C3 and listen, then make

C2 C3
in two columns

it sounds less like it is an OPL light. More like an OPL full Big smile
You said "is basic music making", while I see it done practicaly nowhere.

"two columns is one voice", things look like this:

C2 C3  D4 D5
D2 D3  
E2 E3  F4 F5
F2 F3  G4 G5

The work to be done one time is to find combination of OPLL instruments that make a nice new instrument.
One can do with two times same instrument or with two different instruments. And with 3 instruments. With 1 octave difference or with 2 octaves. Or with 0 difference when it is different instruments. And then one can give each one a different emphasize in volume.

Design of a new waveform. Endless things lurking in there to be tried out, much more than on PSG. And that is not "tricks" like entering register values for every 1/60 second or something.

With moonblaster I got problems understanding what is fixed in OPLL and what is software.
Every instrument got different ADSR, I hope that ADSR is not fixed to that instrument?
In the double-column, both columns are meant to have same ADSR.

By Manuel

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23-02-2013, 14:28

syn,doesn't Oracle support that?

By hit9918

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23-02-2013, 16:04

"Oracle is a fully-featured tracker for the MSX-MUSIC, MSX-AUDIO and PSG."

Instead, I get told about "midas debugger installed" and end up in funny letters that look like a disk editor.
What to do?

By hit9918

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Аватар пользователя hit9918

23-02-2013, 16:23

I got the bug: must say "screen 0 : width 80" before running!
Would be worth adding that to the msxorg package.

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