Elite Tape/Disk version.

By CrazyBoss

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Аватар пользователя CrazyBoss

25-02-2013, 13:03

Any diffirence between Disk and Tape versions?

We are thinking about make a Memotech MTX Conversion.

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By turbor

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Аватар пользователя turbor

25-02-2013, 19:56

Look at the box on http://www.frontierastro.co.uk/Elite/msx.html !
You can clearly read the text "Amstrad" below the MSX-sticker. :)
My box was a recycled "Spectrum 48K" box, which is especially clear if you look at the back of the box.
For scans see: http://msx.gnu-linux.net/elite/elite-gold.html