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By msd

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Аватар пользователя msd

21-01-2014, 13:36

Z180 might be posibility iirc. The z380 is no longer available.

By konamiman

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Аватар пользователя konamiman

21-01-2014, 13:57

"Wait for news"... that's easier said than done! Smile

My dream is a Z380 based MSX. Too bad that the Z380 processor has been discontinued (I didn't know that).

By hbarcellos

Hero (640)

Аватар пользователя hbarcellos

21-01-2014, 15:54

If you guys really want to be successful on this venture, I would start right away the political scene-lobby along with the active MSX emulator teams in order to emulate it prior to its final development. After it's done, I would organize some kind of (fund-raising | prize-raising | ...) among the scene to start a contest like MSXDEV in order to have, at least, some good games by the time it's really/actually launched.

My two (million) cents! Smile

By mars2000you

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Аватар пользователя mars2000you

21-01-2014, 16:16

Only openMSX and the not yet released pseudoMSX emulators can be interested for supporting this new hardware.

As you probably know it, the blueMSX team considers that the VDP9990 is a exotic thing, not fully compatible with all MSX screen modes. So, that's beyond and outside the MSX compatibility and no-one in the team is interested to emulate this VDP.

By Pac

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Аватар пользователя Pac

21-01-2014, 16:59

msd wrote:

Z180 might be posibility iirc. The z380 is no longer available.

Not sure about V9990 and OPL4 availability. Few months ago I tried to get the Yamaha soundchip and no success so I guess only too few units of this future computer will be available. In my opinion to make it successful this project should listen what the current MSX scene wants-needs, anyway go ahead with the project. Smile

By giuseve

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Аватар пользователя giuseve

21-01-2014, 17:43

what about the compatibility of V9990 with v9958? I think it have to be a must !!

Very nice project: a must to include SCC and MSX-Audio and price should be cheaper than OneChipMSX: what a quest !

I think the best soulution would be an MSX3 very similar to turbo-R and not so much more.
Maybe Technobytes has many V9990 chip to use, but in my opinion the best configurationt would be something like this:
CPU: Z180 switchable to 3,5Mhz for best compatibility
RAM: 512K/1Mb
VIDEO: V9958 with 128K/256K
OS: DOS 2.23 built in / Nestor / Symbos
STORAGE: SD on Ide Controller
PORT: VGA, Audio Out, USB/PS2 for PC the Keyboard and Mouse, USB/FLoppy 1,44Mb Controller for the DiskDrive.
SLOT: 2 cartslot
EXTRA FEATURES: Full compatibility with older MSX models, an Utility to load and execute Rom and MegaRom (Wonderful would be in SYMBOS), An utility to Mounti a .DSK file as a virtual Floppy Drive.

What do you think?

By giuseve

Paladin (753)

Аватар пользователя giuseve

21-01-2014, 17:52

Here is my PERSONAL MSX:
Hardware: Samsung Galaxy Tab3 8" Display ; Bluetooth Keyboard
Software: OpenMSX for Android
It costs about € 250,00 and I got:
- TurboR Machine
- Mounting of .DSK
- Saving state of the machine status (wonderful with games)
- Storage on SD with FAT32 support
It only misses a slot to read real CART !! :-)

By yzi

Champion (444)

Аватар пользователя yzi

21-01-2014, 18:11

No CRT monitor output, no real joysticks, no real keyboard, AND not possible to use cartridges. Big smile Just think of all the actual real things that you could have bought for 250€.

By Prodatron

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Аватар пользователя Prodatron

21-01-2014, 19:08

I hope it will NOT use a Z180. The Z180 doesn't allow undocumented commands like LD A,IXL etc., so you can't use IX and IY as 8bit registers. Because of this a lot of the existing software won't run on this CPU. You would have to simulate these commands with an "emulator" routine behind the "Reserved Instruction Trap"-IRQ, which is fired when the CPU detects such an illegal command.
IIRC the successors of the Z180 (Z280? eZ80?) included these undocumented commands again.

By snout

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Аватар пользователя snout

21-01-2014, 18:55

How about joining forces with MSXARM? That Cortex 4 based Z80 & R800 compatible thingamagjig sounded damn interesting to me.

The spirit of MSX would prefer the introduction of 1 new CPU as apposed to 2 different ones, right?

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