MSX HDMI mutlimedia card

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By erpirao

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Аватар пользователя erpirao

17-04-2015, 00:33

hello first, sorry for my horrible english, but I'm with google translator ..
writing to ask when and how will complete cards, since I am very interested in the full version.
a greeting, to wait for news

By maxis

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Аватар пользователя maxis

17-04-2015, 18:05

Hello, erpirao,

Currently I'm working on the implementation of the HDMI genlock for the European 50Hz computers and V9938 cycle accurate model. All the other planned features are already implemented and work fine.

The card will require a redesign phase to include the aforementioned genlock HW and to fix some small HW bugs.
I don't really have a release date, since I progress with my MSX hobby at the available free time.
I'll keep everyone in this thread updated, once the design achieves a new milestone.

Thank you

By maxis

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Аватар пользователя maxis

16-07-2015, 00:26

Hello Gurus and Professionals, Amateurs and happy MSX Users,

I have a few crucial questions to validate the architectural choices for Procyon card. Please, help me with your answers:

1. How important is for you to have a 50Hz compatible mode? What if Procyon will be limited only to 60Hz support and switch the host MSX to 60Hz after reset? (IMHO most of the games were released for 60Hz machines).

2. Would you prefer to watch your MSX on the HDMI TV or HDMI monitor? (A very few modern monitors support CEA 50Hz modes)

3. Is there to your knowledge any software, which flips from the non-interlaced to interlaced screen modes on the line interrupt or vertical interrupt?

4. Is it acceptable for you to have a 0.5 second blank out as your MSX transitions from the interlaced mode to normal and back?

5. For the users of digitizing computers such as NMS8280, Sony HB-F500/HB-F900, Daewoo CPC400S can you, please, provide the VDP#10 (in basic) content? Do you plan using your digitizers with Procyon and how?

Thank you,

By SkyeWelse

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Аватар пользователя SkyeWelse

16-07-2015, 01:57

Hi Maxis,

1. I live in the U.S. so 60Hz would be A-Okay for me since I doubt I'd ever have a need for 50Hz. I'm not really representative of the typical European MSX user base though. : )

2. I would prefer to play it on an HDTV primarily, but an HD monitor would be nice as well. I currently use an X-RGB3 to set it up to work with HD stuff, but it's a bit of a pain to set all that up.

3. Not sure on this one.

4. I doubt that would bother me.

5. N/A. I have a Turbo R GT.

Has a price point for this cart been announced yet? Just curious.


By gdx

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Аватар пользователя gdx

16-07-2015, 09:52

The development is it much more complicated to add support 50Hz? This increases significantly the price? The French users use MSX àt 50Hz.

By yzi

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Аватар пользователя yzi

16-07-2015, 12:24

Not having 50 Hz support drops interest from "maybe some" to "none".

By Manuel

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Аватар пользователя Manuel

16-07-2015, 21:23

Note the Sony HB-F500 does not have a digitizer. The 900 only has a genlocker (the digitizer is separate).

By maxis

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Аватар пользователя maxis

17-07-2015, 02:29

Thank you for the answers,

Bottom line - for European users 50Hz is essential. For others 60Hz only is fine.

One more question for 8280 and HB-F900 users:
- Is it acceptable for you to use the RCA VIDEO cable from the MSX video output to Procyon card?

Regarding the European 50Hz:
Procyon has its HDMI output genlocked to the MSX VDP timing. I don't implement double buffering and free scanning due to the artifacts and the time lag.
The vast majority of the modern HDMI monitors usually have no EIA screen modes, but only DMT screen modes with the minimum frame rate of 60Hz.
And some HDTVs don't have 720x288p@50Hz EIA/CEA native mode, which is essential to emulate 50Hz MSX progressive timing (313 lines).
50Hz limitation: there would be no picture when running 50Hz MSX modes with the HDMI "DMT only" monitor connected.

Looks like I would have to plan 2 different FPGA project configurations with the same HW:
- Fixed, VGA based, which is supported by ALL the HDMI equipped HW (TVs and monitors). 60 Hz only, progressive and interlaced. 50Hz computers will be switched to 60Hz by the BIOS patch in the cartridge ROM;
- Dynamic, setting the HDMI output mode according to the VDP scan mode 50/60Hz progressive or interlaced in real-time.

Manuel wrote:

Note the Sony HB-F500 does not have a digitizer. The 900 only has a genlocker (the digitizer is separate).

Thanks, I didn't know. Are there any other computers with the built in genlocker apart from CPC400s, FS-5500, NMS8280, HB-F900?

By alexito

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Аватар пользователя alexito

17-07-2015, 06:32

Sure, I own a MSX2 Victor HC-95

By yzi

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Аватар пользователя yzi

17-07-2015, 09:11

Maybe this has already been mentioned, but does the device try to simulate proper 240p60/288p50 scanlines, i.e. no line doubling? I think this is essential in order to have the picture look right. CRT simulation with virtual phosphor would be even better.

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