WTB: Games in Bee Card form


Supporter (10)

Аватар пользователя JCCyC

28-11-2014, 20:42

I just bought an adapter... but I have no cards. Offers to jccyc1965 AT gmail DOT com. Thx!

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By foobarry81

Master (148)

Аватар пользователя foobarry81

28-11-2014, 22:23

Good luck with that, most of them are quite hard to find nowadays.

BC-M1, BC-M2 and BC-M9 should be the easiest to find and the cheaper ones. BC-M5 and BC-M7 are probably the most rare (and expensive) ones.


If you´re looking to collect, you might want to know that there are 2 versions of Champion/Master Takahashi´s Adventure Island. There´s one that just includes the manual and the Bee Card. And there another version that includes a figurine of Master Takahashi on a skateboard.