What I think an MSX 3 Should be ?

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By hit9918

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Аватар пользователя hit9918

11-03-2015, 00:03

to simulate DMA, for example the diskette
the cartridge needs buffer RAM
and make interrupt

By gdx

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Аватар пользователя gdx

11-03-2015, 00:33

Jupp3 wrote:

If I would have to name one model right now, that would probably be Panasonic A1.

Good Idea !
We find this MSX often without power supply adapter for cheap. Smile
The only drawback: the keyboard is only available in Japanese.

By tvalenca

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Аватар пользователя tvalenca

13-04-2015, 21:35


"Rise from your grave!"

As much as I'm dying to see some things on MSX hardware (and BIOS, half of the fun with MSX is BASIC programming) I DO HAVE to ask:

- Why in the hell do you want direct access to VRAM? What exactly you want to do with it? redraw the entire screen during vblank? Code for MSX the way it is done on Spectrum? The way it is done on PC? Or you just don't want to wait VDP's processing? Seriously, I'm not complaining, I really want to know, because I don't think RAM -> VRAM transfers are the main VDP bottleneck. And the MSX VDPs has more serious issues than that to deal with.

- Why in the hell do you want multiple CPU's (parallel processing)? Just to handle different peripherals timmings? (VDP @ 50Hz or 60Hz, soundchip @ 8kHz, 11kHz, 22kHz) Do we REALLY need that?

By lezanderson

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Аватар пользователя lezanderson

16-04-2015, 15:18

Just thinking out load :

The purpose of an MSX 3 or any NEW MSX hardware would be as a teaching aid, to allow a new generation of people to play around with hardware and understand what is inside a computer. In a similar vein to the GR8bit showing how to build and test a microcomputer.

As NEW PCs are way too complex for this and everything is surface mount a new MSX machine using DIL/DIP or PLCC ICs could fill a niche market, if the price is right and as the MSX has a large base of literature and software it would be ideally suited for this purpose ?

By gamemastermaarten

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Аватар пользователя gamemastermaarten

16-04-2015, 16:41

As MSX 3 was launched. I was so happy to tap it on the head. Unfortunately, by that Windows and Macintosh stupid could go their further. And MSX not. Question

By werzelgumage

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17-04-2015, 10:51

Realistically who would build it ?? The Only person I can think of is Eugene who makes the GR8bit.. I like the idea of making it using DIL/DIP thru hole ICs rather than surface mount or FPGAs. Is there a Market.... probably YES... if the price is right. And It would be great to see an MSX 3 machine but will it ever happen ?

By megatron

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Аватар пользователя megatron

17-04-2015, 11:04

I think an MSX 3 is a great idea....but who is going to build it ??

By megatron

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Аватар пользователя megatron

17-04-2015, 11:06

The specification is good...but designing and building it may be a problem to say the least. As well as getting a commercial backer to manufacture them ??

By Dirty Harry

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Аватар пользователя Dirty Harry

27-07-2015, 17:36

Has anyone built a 'Hardware' MSX 3 or is it just a 'Dream'

By tvalenca

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Аватар пользователя tvalenca

27-07-2015, 19:14

Dirty Harry wrote:

Has anyone built a 'Hardware' MSX 3 or is it just a 'Dream'

No. Maybe someday one of us (MSX Fans around the world) will release something that can be named like that, but not until today.

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