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By DarkSchneider

Paladin (860)

Аватар пользователя DarkSchneider

25-06-2018, 08:40

As you compile on the emulator, create a machine with DOS2. The compiled programs works fine on Nextor. So don't worry if the compiler/assembler itself don't.

By cosmic

Supporter (15)

Аватар пользователя cosmic

25-06-2018, 13:04

Yes, I assume that under that circumstances, that is the way to go.

Regarding the issue, it seems like the more you use msx-c tools (i.e. cf.com, cg.com, etc...) after a clean restart, the more prone to fail.
For simple compilations (i.e. just a simple printf("Hello world\n")), and under Nextor, it uses to compile apparently fine the first time(s). By iterating the same compilation process, it crashes. With more complex compilations, it usually crashes on the first compilation process.


By Roland007

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Аватар пользователя Roland007

22-03-2019, 14:25

Some questions about C and speeding it up. I'm writing some code that requires many locate operations. So I am looking at the fastest way to set the cursor position. I know 0xF3DD and 0xF3DC contain the locations of the cursor but are they safe? I can define a global pointer to these addresses, write values and skip the locate function or is there a downside? Another question is, is this actually faster (assuming MSX-C uses BIOS and so skip a bios routine that writes these values to F3DD and F3DC) or is there an even faster way?


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