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By ppeccin

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Аватар пользователя ppeccin

18-06-2020, 04:50

ren wrote:

Hi Paulo,

Great work on version 6.0! Smile

I shared a link with the community yesterday, WebMSX is featured.
Take a look if you like - I hope you like how it's integrated.

Hey ren!
Sorry for the late answer... I'm crazy busy at work since I published the latest release. All this corona situation is messing with everything.

Your project looks nice, I will have a deeper look when I get some MSX time again... :-)


By ren

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Аватар пользователя ren

18-06-2020, 17:56

Hi Paulo, np & cheers!

The way it's integrated ATM is different than I described in this thread. From the linked thread:


WebMSX will now be loaded in an iframe. This fixes the audio bug, and is prolly the most reliable way of embedding anyway. + Now you can run multiple WMSX machines simultaneously, for your serious online MSX-ing needs Nishi

This should be enabled by default, you can change to the old behaviour via the Settings menu.

Of course being able to use WMSX API-like is sweetest, although the iframe solution has sort of its own merits, and the lib will most probably be cached by the client (that would be a big drawback otherwise).

Haven't looked at it for a while. I know there's an issue regarding the key configuration window (flickering and not responding properly), I should fix that. Also the Help & Settings modal, that won't show when there isn't enough room, is, so to say, kinda prematurely deciding it won't show Wink

When I have time / get around to it I'll also have a look at building WMSX from source / the gruntfile instead of hacking stuff in the release build Wink

I also started some other project. This idea came to me to also have a pure JS WMSX based KSS core (at some point) ;)

Okay, good luck, I/we'll notice when you('re ready to) report back in! ;)

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