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28-08-2016, 16:25


has anyone seen/heard of porting activities of the PARCP-USB software? ParCPUSB is a small plug with IEEE1284 ("parallel port") on one side, and Micro USB on the other. It is currently used to connect MS-DOS, Windows (3-10), Linux, Mac OS X, Atari ST and others together with a Norton Commander style transfer software. The software is open source: - hardware: (no, I’m not related).

If I see this right, it could be connected hardware-wise to a MSX, one "just" needs to port the MSX part of the software (maybe from the MS-DOS or Atari ST part, as the call conventions of MS-DOS, GEMDOS and CP/M are quite similar). Or is the parallel port of the MSX for writing only?


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By Manuel

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28-08-2016, 22:19

MSX has a 14-pin centronics port with only one input pin (BUSY). Is that sufficient?

By Marq

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28-08-2016, 23:05

Probably not, as the above machines had at least four input pins. But there is the joystick port...