Including images in posts

By eimaster

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17-10-2017, 03:16

I want to be able to include an image or more in a post. Someone earlier told me to register at an image hosting site. I don't know of a good one. Could GoogleDrive or Google Dropbox do?! Please explain to me in some detail 'cos I'm not used to lots of forum posting things.

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By meits

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17-10-2017, 03:21

This is a good place.

By Dalmia88

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15-03-2018, 17:24

Thank for let us know @Meits.

By luppie

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15-03-2018, 19:03

I have made a small instruction on how to use

First go to
Click on "Start Uploading" or drag your images to the webpage (This instruction uses the Start Uploading method)

Select the Image that you want to upload and click on Open.

Click on Upload (Optional you can select an album if you have an account)

The image is now uploaded. (in case of a single image)

If you click on 'Embed Codes' you can see the embed codes. For, just copy one of the BBcodes (Specialy for large images you can select to publish a thumbnail or medium image, that is linked to the full image)

If you have selected multiple images, use the dropdown box to select the right embed code.

Then past the copied BBcode here on the forum and your good to go.


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15-03-2018, 23:13


Ok! thanks! :)