Demo with Msx and three YM2413/OPLL modules

By Giangiacomo Zaf...

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Аватар пользователя Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

20-04-2018, 12:18

Tiny-Yarou has a new demo:
Link to YouTube video recording of MSX turboR demo.
I think it is good. :evil:

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By Grauw

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Аватар пользователя Grauw

20-04-2018, 12:39

I’m not too impressed by how it sounds Big smile, but technically it’s interesting because it demonstrates addressing multiple OPLL devices. This is due to the FM-PAC’s support of memory-mapped I/O, all the clones do not support it (maybe with the exception of some FPGA emulations?), so you need original FM-PACs for this.

By JohnHassink

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Аватар пользователя JohnHassink

20-04-2018, 13:17

Similarily, there's a reworking of the Darius soundtrack on three MSX OPLLs at once that sounds pretty cool but doesn't seem to reach the full potential of what one'd expect.


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Аватар пользователя NYYRIKKI

20-04-2018, 13:17

What Grauw said... I think it could be better idea to use these extra channels for chorus/echo effects and more complex instruments. Now it is just "a bit too much".