Bios of Msx "1.5" machines

By snake

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Аватар пользователя snake

29-08-2019, 01:38

I mean Msx 2 with 64 kb of vram: Toshiba HX-23, Canon V-25....

I wonder if they have a special bios that is able to handle 64 kb of vram only. Or are they equipped with the ordinary Msx 2 bios because it's already able to do that?

On Openmsx, HX-23 configuration file has this comment: "". HX-23F has 128 kb of vram. Unfortunatly i'm not able to test other "1.5" machines...

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By snake

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Аватар пользователя snake

29-08-2019, 01:45

The comment on HX-23 configuration file: "ROMs are assumed to be the same as HX-23F, which was used as a base for this config".
(sorry, it disappeared from the previous message because i pasted it with html comment delimiters)

By zeilemaker54

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29-08-2019, 05:31

MSX2 handles 64 KB VRAM, so same bios.

By zPasi

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29-08-2019, 07:24

I think MSX 1.5 usually means MSX1 with V9938 VDP, like SVI 738 X'press. MSX2 with 64 K VRAM is still MSX2.


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29-08-2019, 08:23

Standard MSX2 BIOS detects the amount of VRAM on boot and if only 64kB is found it disables SCREEN 7 & SCREEN 8 usage and limits the usage of SET PAGE, COPY etc. The VRAM size information is stored in #FAFC

By sdsnatcher73

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29-08-2019, 15:04

And for the MSX1 machines with V9938. I don’t think they had a modified BIOS for the V9938 to work. It is basically backwards compatible with the TMS chips (if it were not MSX1 games would have issues on MSX2 computers).

By Grauw

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29-08-2019, 17:11

The Yamaha CX5MII has a modified BIOS, but it’s only for the memory mapper initialisation. They have a separate little ROM to support the V9938, it adds width 80 text mode support to MSX-BASIC 1.0 by attaching itself to various hooks. It doesn’t work in DOS(2) though, unfortunately.

By Nprod

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04-09-2019, 01:55

MSX2 is practically the same as MSX1 in terms of memory, just that most models have a memory mapper attached to a "slot" on the PCB layout itself. The standard definition for it only states a minimum of 64kb, it doesn't specify any requirement to have a mapper.