the number of the MSX computer produced

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By osises

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Аватар пользователя osises

16-06-2020, 11:35

Hi. To say that 5 million MSX were sold in Japan and that less were sold outside of this country ... I don't think that's true.

But, assuming that half were sold outside of Japan, we would be counting about 2.5 or 3 million units. That could easily make about 8 million, which I think is one of the total amounts circulating on the network.

Now, knowing that the Z80 processor has been used in innumerable industrial boards of which we hardly have information, how many computers in total have been able to use this processor? Recall that the same has not happened with the 6502 or was very little.

As for the MegaDrive, it was capable of using Master System game cartridges through the Z80, so it was not only used as a coprocessor. It was an alternative but perfectly functional CPU.

By Cooljerk

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16-06-2020, 11:37

Pentarou wrote:
Cooljerk wrote:

the architecture of the system is such that everything runs through the 68000's memory space. You can't access the VRAM memory ports from Z80 RAM

This is not correct, the Megadrive has a control signal in its cartridge port that makes it behave like a SMS, if I remember correctly when B30 is low the Z80 takes over the bus and the machine becomes a SMS/Mark3.

Sure, the Z80 can't control the 68000 peripherals, but it has its own.

That's in mode 4, yeah. That is quite literally an SMS at that point, though, it also inhibits VDP functions (single planemap, reduced bitdepth, etc). It's unlike, say, Mode 1 for the mega CD, where the base genesis 68000 could access the PCM ASIC of the Sega CD without going through the Sega CD's RAM. I'd much rather say the SMS is a z80 based console, which the megadrive can revert to, than call the megadrive a z80 based console personally. But that's splitting hairs.

By litwr

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16-06-2020, 11:40

Cooljerk wrote:

An aside about the TI-83, though, the most recent revision actually removed the ability to execute z80 assembler binaries which has upset a lot of people.

I am also curious why they didn't use their TMS9900 processor which matches the Z80?

Pentarou wrote:

Yes, I think the same, but then one could object that the Amstrad PCW (probably CP/M best selling machine) was sold as a typewriter and not as a CP/M computer.

I can't agree. I had the PCW and I never used Locoscript. A lot of people bought the PCW for the use with CP/M software. Anyway the PCW was one of the best CP/M computer. The C128 was rather the worst. Almost nobody used CP/M with the C128.

By Cooljerk

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16-06-2020, 11:42

Grauw wrote:

I also was an avid TI-83 user in the late 90s and early 00’s Smile. On my school it was introduced together with the "2e fase" school system. I even made a transfer program for MSX to cross-develop and transfer programs to the TI-83 with the MSX!

I mentioned I didn't pay attention in geometry class earlier, but that calculator also helped me cheat my way through trig haha. One of the first days of trig, the teacher said we could use calculators because they wouldn't help us, because "either we knew the stuff or we didn't" and to test our knowledge, she'd make us show the work. She said all "cheating" applications for calculators just spit out answers, and didn't show the work, so if our exams were just answers, she'd flunk us.

So I spent the semester flat out not listening to her and spending all the time writing a series of programs on my TI83 in TI basic that would solve problems for me. I also made a program that simulated clearing ram so I could keep the program in memory during exams. I remember turning in the final after like 10 minutes and her being astonished, lol.

Fun memories of that calculator, even if it was old in the tooth by the time I used it.

By pgimeno

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16-06-2020, 22:31

osises wrote:

Now, knowing that the Z80 processor has been used in innumerable industrial boards of which we hardly have information,

I've personally worked on repairing a hydraulic guillotine for cutting wooden sheets, which used a Z80 as the main controller, if that counts for anything. I may still have the ROM somewhere. (In case you're curious, the problem turned out to be in the PSU, not related to the software)

By Grauw

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16-06-2020, 22:55

This is interesting and all, but I have a feeling that the initial post was asking about “hey how well did MSX do compared to the other computers”, and when that number turned out to be lower than the others, this discussion shifted focus to the Z80 so that MSX can still win a little bit maybe! Tongue

By albs_br

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07-10-2020, 16:58

From the [url=]link on first page[/url]:

"A great amount of these 5 000 000 were the advanced Turbo R systems. "

It doesn't look accurate. Turbo R's sold few units, given the low serial numbers.

By warmize

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21-10-2020, 23:28

I'm doing my homework investigating in order to write a book about MSX history.
Until now, the best numbers I found are from ASCII, from the info they published for the 30th aniversary of the MSX.
According to this source, ASCII made an anouncement on February 2nd 1990 saying the total number of MSX arround the world was 4M.
- 2M in Japan
- 350.000 Americas
- 530.000 Europe
- 360.000 Middle East
- 780.000 Asia/Oceania
In the last number of MSX Magazine, Nishi said there were about 5M MSX sold.

Hope it helps.

By Pac

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22-10-2020, 16:36

warmize wrote:

- 780.000 Asia/Oceania

Does this mean that MSX was sold in Asia and Oceania or only Asia? For Asia South Korea and Taiwan AFAIK. I've never heard about MSX in Australia or New Zealand.

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