Looking for documentation for DUAD-MSX (c) 1984 ASCII

By dhau

Paragon (1570)

Аватар пользователя dhau

01-07-2020, 19:37

Hi folks, I want to learn more about ASCII DUAD-MSX program. It is a Z80 assembler, disassembler, debugger and full-screen editor from ASCII from 1984. All programs are bload-able obj files and there is a nice launcher.

You can find it easily by googling for "Duad (1984)(Ascii)".

I wonder if anyone has any documentation for it. If you do, please share.

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By lintweaker

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Аватар пользователя lintweaker

01-07-2020, 20:12

Hmm, never heard of it. Could be interesting. Did they ever made a DOS2 compatible version?

By Sylvester

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Аватар пользователя Sylvester

01-07-2020, 20:31

The disk i have contains .hlp files for all programs. They look like text files.

By tfh

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Аватар пользователя tfh

01-07-2020, 20:50

Indeed, you can open these files on your PC with something like Notepad(++).

By dhau

Paragon (1570)

Аватар пользователя dhau

01-07-2020, 21:17

It is true that HLP files are text files, but there is only 4KB of text in all of them. For example, assembler help file has this:

    Assembler command summary

    *MENU    - exit to MENU
    *EDIT    - go to EDITOR
    *DIS     - go to DIS-ASSEMBLER
    *DEBUG   - go to DEBUGGER (Full)
    *SDEBUG  - go to DEBUGGER (Small)
    *BASIC   - return to MSX-BASIC
    *RST     - re-do from start
    *HELP(?) - show this message
    *DIR     - list directory

It is not really helpful Smile