How do i get OSD free screen ? [Solved]

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By mars2000you

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Аватар пользователя mars2000you

24-09-2020, 16:28

sd_snatcher wrote:

Using external tools for recording will lead to a lot of artefacts on the video, due to the lack of synchronisation and compression. And problems on the audio too.

It's better to use the openMSX's built-in video recording feature.

It's not true. I had problems to get a smooth video of the No Pressure demo with the built-in video recording feature of blueMSX. By using an external tool these problems were resolved.

By Grauw

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Аватар пользователя Grauw

24-09-2020, 16:39

But this is openMSX, not blueMSX.

The openMSX built-in recording is straight from the source and frame-perfect… A screen capture recording will be affected by frame drops, unwanted post-processing, etc.

By Uncoda

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24-09-2020, 16:49

i have tested internal video recorder.
its rather lightweight and the size of output video as well wasn't big.
thanks for suggestion. but sadly, its no go for me.

it lacks some vital control on-the-fly manner. and i don't like to use windows library as storage. (didn't find the way to change the path.)

i already know its a lot easier and safer to use dedicated tool.
after proper preparation, it becomes a matter of hotkey and there's no fear of corrupted output file when emulator got messed up.

By Manuel

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Аватар пользователя Manuel

24-09-2020, 18:41

You can simply add the filename (with path) at the end of the command:
What do you mean with 'on the fly control'?

The fun thing is, you can simply pause openMSX, and the recording will also pause. So you can start and stop recording whenever you want.
Pause is a hotkey. If you also want a hotkey to start and stop recording, you can bind a hotkey for it with the bind command.

The emulator will not mess up the output file :)

By wouter_

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Аватар пользователя wouter_

24-09-2020, 19:27

Several people already answered. I just wanted to add some details:

Internal video recording in openMSX indeed won't ever drop frames or skip audio, and both are always in sync. Even if you fast-forward emulation in openMSX, the recording remains at 100% speed.

Additionally both the video and the audio parts of the recording are lossless (we use the ZMBV codec for video and plain WAV for audio). We intentionally kept the format very simple. The idea is that people can then use external video tools to convert the openMSX recording into whatever format they desire, without any loss of quality.

By Uncoda

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Аватар пользователя Uncoda

24-09-2020, 21:51

im using editor tool after recording. so source video never gets end result as is and it always involves encoding.
in my case, encoding time could be much longer if everything is done in editor tool.

so, adjusting border and position, resize then scaling to desirable if necessary, should be done on recording. additionally, output file would be preferably mp4 format with variable setting for sound's bit rate. (depends on the case)

in other words, sometimes i need middle-state video at first recording.
those are unlikely done by internal recorder while dedicated recorder could handle them all at once, in easiest and most flexible manner. ("on the fly" means switching multiple profiles on demand)
this only makes legit reason for me to use latter.

and its better separate pausing emulator and start/stop/pause recording for easy editing later. (the gap of "stopped" scene could be good indicator.)

as for lossless or not, i have seen no critical loss nor experienced sync problem so far.
only exception was when my system having become unstable for some reason.

maybe those are the thing for recorder which sure is POPULAR but in fact, buggy or unreliable.
or often in the case, the user just doesn't configure the recorder (provided its decent one) side properly.

i suppose internal video recorder of openmsx is mainly for creating TAS video.
in that case, it looks best use internal one with forward/rewind function. cuz there is no alternative to catch up with.

By Manuel

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24-09-2020, 22:00

I wouldn't use the video recorder while rewinding. That makes a messy video. But I would use it to record the resulting video afterwards. Rewind to 0, start recording and stop when enough is recorded. Then upload to YouTube (or do post-processing).

Anyway, you're now doing a lot of trouble to avoid the OSD elements, whilst there is a very good way to record without it. That was my point. But, you are of course 100% free to do whatever you like! Smile

By Uncoda

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Аватар пользователя Uncoda

25-09-2020, 06:38


i think osd free screen is, in the first place, most desirable or say, neutral state to record source video for those who want to use external dedicated recorder for good reason.
this should apply to many others too.

i have already experienced to know how burdensome to cope with intervention of OSD when editing.
since it fades in/out or stays longer than expected.

now, i could find a way to fullfil my purpose. thanks Manuel, wouter_ and Grauw for hints, suggestion and infos. Smile

By Uncoda

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Аватар пользователя Uncoda

25-09-2020, 06:00

i write down workaround to get OSD free screen for the readers of this topic.

1) use latest dev build to turn "menu" button off.
console command (F10):
set osd_menu_button off

2) erase every state OSDs at the bottom of the screen.
console command:
load_icons none

3) hide seek bar of upper screen.
console command:

now, one big OSD still remains and shown when Rom/Tape/Disk image has been inserted.
this is media info OSD. but can get OSD free screen (i mean osd free start).
4) Reset after media info OSD appeared.

By Uncoda

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Аватар пользователя Uncoda

25-09-2020, 19:28

is it possible to edit topic name ?
i want to add [Solved] at the end of it.

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