How do i get OSD free screen ? [Solved]

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By Uncoda

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Аватар пользователя Uncoda

26-09-2020, 20:32

forgot about this.

3.5) erasing osd text when state saving.
it could be done by editing share/scripts/_savestate.tcl
- search by word "set png [file join $directory ${name}.png]" and comment out the line with #.

and finally, i found a way to disable media info (rom_info) when image inserted.
so, this is update for
4) erasing media info osd
- make back up of share/scripts/_osd_menu.tcl and start editing it ...
- search "set rominfo [getlist_rom_info]". its line 1531 (latest dev build of this day) BUT LEAVE THIS LINE INTACT. this was kinda landmark for search.
- start commenting out from just below the line, it should be line 1533 "set message1 "Now running ROM"" to line 1575 "osd::display_message $message1".
- then, skip to line 1587 and comment it out. which is started as "osd create text osd_display_message.rominfo_text..."

you got complete osd free screen.... at last !! Wink

By Manuel

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Аватар пользователя Manuel

26-09-2020, 22:01

Manuel wrote:


To remove that other message edit share/scripts/_osd_menu.tcl line 1575 and comment it out:

#		osd::display_message $message1
Manuel wrote:

Commenting out that line isn't good enough indeed. Let me see for an alternative (should have tested it).
OK, also comment out line 1587.

		#osd create text osd_display_message.rominfo_text -x $xpos -y 2 -size $txt_size -rgba 0xffffffff -text "$message2"

Tested this time.
Line numbers are from current development version. Some things were changed after 16.0 already :)

Did you see that post?

By Uncoda

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Аватар пользователя Uncoda

27-09-2020, 04:38

oh, thanks. i didn't know the first one.
i did only 1587 (its in this topic) and saw no effect in the past.
that's why i had to compromise to use reset at first.

but ok, i have tried and confirmed.
it seems only 1575 and 1587 are the targets

so, update again,
4) to erase big 'rom_info' OSD window (shown when rom image inserted)
- target script file is share/scripts/_osd_menu.tcl
- search and comment out 2 lines which starts with "osd::display_message $message1" and "osd create text osd_display_message.rominfo_text...". each should be the line 1575 and 1587 respectively.

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