MSX Palcom laserdisc help

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By Shertz

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02-01-2021, 01:08

Thank you

By TheClash603

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02-01-2021, 09:28

I am not familiar with your setup, so I can't comment on your LD player's compatability. I will share a little advice from my recent experiences with Palcom games.

1) You may want to view this thread to see my troubleshooting, regarding what cords go where.

2) I use a LD-700, works like a charm. You can find them for a reasonable cost, but with all old LDs, you havr a coin toss chance there isn't some sort of issue when you buy used.

3) I used three separate PX-V7s and all of them had different issues. I almost gave up on Palcom games, but then I got a PX-V60 and it worked perfectly. I then stumbled on another loose PX-V60 with no keyboard for cheap and it also worked great. It's a very small sample size, but I have 3 PX-V7s wasting space and 2 PX-V60s that work. I personally will never touch another PX-V7.

By Stt1

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25-02-2021, 00:11


I have wondered myself why the LD-1100 is mentioned as capable of playing games (in the original documents, game covers and so on). Even once bought one long time ago as my first LD player... Just for noticing that it has only the 3,5mm jack. That player was however broken when it came in, laser (tube in this player!) worked fine, but there was most likely fault in the disc motor or then the calibration was off. So, next I bought LD-700 and found out the correct port from that player, build a cable according to PX-7 manual and voila, it worked.

What you should be looking for is a Pioneer LD-player (LD-700, LD-7000 and few models after those, the latter, the better) with the DIN-connector I/O port in rear panel. Note: RS-232 wont work.

Sidenote: LD-700/7000 was kind of ground breaker (in two ways) in the Laserdisc player market at the day. It was the first consumer LD player from Pioneer which had solid state laser and first LD player to load from the front and not the top.

Problem with the 3,5mm mono plug is that it wont carry enough I/O lines for having also the ACK-command. So you can actually launch loading of the game from MSX (command goes to LD player). MSX finds the game (listening the audio line for a game data), because it's read from another audio channel coming from LD-player - just like you would load a tape game from tape-line. Usually MSX will send a frame number to the player when player must send ACK to MSX. When player comes to this frame it sends the ACK, but if MSX never gets the ACK, MSX just keeps waiting for it and wont send more instructions to the player. LD-player just keeps playing and waiting more instructions from MSX... That is what is happening with your system at the moment.

If you somehow could give the ACK manually to MSX, then the game would at least start. Anyway, it would not help a long as gameplay also uses these ACK-signals.

Basically same happens with the IR. MSX outputs the signal to the player, but player is incapable to respond UNLESS there is also sending unit in the LD-player (and you have a receiver unit for MSX). If there really is, then LD player can transmit the ACK-signal and you could input it to MSX.

So far I have never seen a working MSX LD game setup with LD-1100. Neither I have seen any official IR transmitter/receiver unit for MSX/LD-1100. Would be nice if someone can put one together. As my LD-1100 was broken back in the day I was pioneering with this stuff, I didn't experiment further for using it.

FYI: MSX can also control the audio-lines individually -> when there is game music on both lines from LD player, MSX can throughput and mix it too. When game data is loaded, the line containing game data is taken into MSX, but not put through.

By Stt1

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25-02-2021, 00:14


This stuff starts to be very old and outdated. It's no wonder that the PX-V7s have issues... And it wont help that they are running normally very hot. If you feel that you want to let them go, send me E-mail.

By seanyoung

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25-02-2021, 09:47

The Pioneer LD-700(0) understand NEC commands:

Now I've never seen an LD-1100 but according to the p-basic manual, if you want to use the the LD-1100 you need to use `CALL REMOTE(1, "P")`. Now that sends different commands than the NEC commands (I don't know what they were TBH).

Now since P-BASIC can't know what LD you have, when you type `CALL LD` it's just going to send LD 700 NEC commands.

Also @Stt1 is right, if there is no ACK connection, this is just not going to work. Seek times are different every time, so games need to sync with were the LD is, see: `CALL REMOTE(0, "W")`

Also note that the command listed in the p-basic manual for LD-1100 are limited compared to the other LDs.

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